We use sockets every day


But many people do not consider the load of the socket

And then turn off the habit of the socket power supply and other habits

When a resident of Zhengzhou uses electric heaters at home, heating

A fire caused by the socket fire

Burning in bedrooms and balconies

lost heavily


The environmental situation of our family’s electricity consumption is not optimistic

There is a leakage accident occurred

Caused by a fire

Numerous bath shock accident

Want to solve the hidden danger of home electricity consumption

Need to start from the source

One of the causes of family fire: socket fire fire

According to the statistics

In the fire that has occurred in the past ten years

About 30%are caused by sockets

The head of various causes of fire

The fire brigade of Lianyungang City has done experiments

The access power of the socket exceeds the rated value

The wire temperature of the socket in 5 minutes reaches 160 ℃

Start smoking random

If the shell material of the socket is not flame retardant

Or use inferior fine copper wire

Once the short circuit will cause the fire

Some people have a danger of electric shock.

Family fire cause 2: Electric wire aging

The aging of the wire is a common problem for old houses and self -built houses for more than ten years.

Due to the age

Most houses existing lines are seriously aging

No ground or ground lines are not reliable to wait for leakage safety hazards

There is a leakage phenomenon that occurs when


What is more serious is

Because most of the old houses are brick and wood structure

Coupled with the lack of reliable leakage protection of the old house

And when the line temperature is too high or the electrical leakage occurs

Very easy to cause a fire

The consequences could be disastrous

Family fire cause three: electrical leakage electricity leakage

With the improvement of people’s requirements for quality of life

There are more and more large and small appliances at home

It also brings a certain danger while bringing convenience life

Electrical appliances that are unqualified or have quality problems

It’s like a time bomb


There are hidden dangers such as leakage, short circuit, fire, etc.

Like some old color TV antennas and circuit boards connected to generate leakage


As soon as a person touches the antenna, it will feel numb

Even qualified products cannot be taken lightly

When an ordinary water heater leaks in the family line

Unable to stop the current from entering the water heater

Causes bath water

And if the user is using the water heater at this time


The danger of electric shock is inevitable.

What are the reasons for the fire in home electricity?

1 The plug is damaged and does not replace it in time. Use the naked line to replace the plug, causing short -circuit or sparkling, causing flammable materials to fire.

2 Familiar gas such as gas and natural gas, if there is a leak, when the air is mixed with the air, it will cause fire or explosion when the electrical switch is turned on.

3 Due to decoration and continuous increase in electrical equipment, household electrical lines have caused chaos and irregularities to form potential hidden dangers.

4 The working voltage and working current of the electrical appliances are inconsistent with the power used, causing long -term overload, high temperature and causing fire.

5 The power cord cross section of the chandelier with sockets is small and the power is used to heat up.

Beware of fire from home circuits

Material Source: Wuhan Fire

Source: Ping An Wuhan