Hello everyone.

What are you busy with a beautiful Sunday? I just wandered online and saw a group of airports from a beautiful woman Qiao Xin. She wore one


Blue vertical striped shirt

, Refreshing and fashionable. It’s pretty eye -catching.


Blue striped shirt is a very classic item. This clothes are almost in the fashion industry.

Evergreen tree

Every year, it is very popular. After the beginning of autumn, I watched the street shots of female stars and fashionistas. There were many people wearing blue striped shirts, and they were very fashionable. This dress is very suitable for wearing in the late summer and early autumn.

Let’s take a look at how fashionable girls have recently wearing striped shirts.

What kind of blue striped shirt this year is more popular?

There are many styles of blue striped shirts. Recently, the popular striped shirts are all this white background blue



Vertical stripes, very refreshing. And the styles are more diverse. The blue striped shirt worn by the beauty Qiao Xin is typical. Short -sleeved striped shirts are more tide than long -sleeved. With a little bit

Neutral wind

It feels cool to wear.

The sleeves of the short -sleeved striped shirt should be loose, so that the casual sense is strong, a bit of fresh little boy style, and cool street style.

Although short -sleeved striped shirts are more popular, long -sleeved striped shirts are also very popular. But traditional striped shirts are slightly ordinary. You can choose a small decorative striped shirt, which looks lively and fashionable. For example, the long -sleeved shirt with blue vertical stripes worn by Song Jia is good.

Her shirt is a small lapel long -sleeved casual wind shirt. There is a black one on the chest on one side.


The pattern, this heart type is different from the ordinary heart type, has a slender sharp corner, which is particularly fashionable. With this heart -shaped pattern, this ordinary striped shirt becomes more fashionable.

As long as there is a small decoration of a blue striped shirt, it is not necessarily a heart -shaped pattern. It can also be used.



To decorate. As long as it looks different.


Wear striped shirts with shorts and shorts in the late summer, refreshing and stylish very stylish

Striped shirts are a single product with strong casual attributes. So it is good to wear with casual denim shorts. Beauty Qiao Xin is good. She wore a blue short -sleeved striped shirt with a pair of jeans. This pants are straight trousers, and the trousers and hair are decorated. Simple and refreshing.


She stuffed the hem on the side of the shirt into the shorts, which looked casual and layered. And it is relatively high. Qiao Xin wore a pair of black pointed V mouth boots. It is even more handsome. This short boot is not only cool, but also tells everyone that it is autumn. Cool and fashionable.


Blue striped shirts are also good with black denominations with black denominations. If you are not tall, you need to choose a slightly shorter style. This is more neat.

It can be worn like Shiman in the picture above. The blue striped shirt with black shorts, the side of the shorts is exposed, which is more layered. Wearing a pair of black mid -boots on your feet, handsome and fashionable.

Shorts and boots

The combination is the most fashionable and handsome match in autumn. It is young and energetic.

The blue striped shirt is very versatile, and everything can be matched. For example, like Song Jia, wearing a blue long -sleeved striped shirt, a pair of black bicycle pants, and a pair of white sneakers on your feet. Fresh and comfortable and fashionable.

Striped shirts are generally relatively long. If you put it down directly, it is more harmonious with a pair of tight shorts. This is to follow

Upper Panasonic


The method of matching is decent and stylish.

The stripe shirt of the blue strip can also be worn comparison


Some, such as wearing a blue long -sleeved striped shirt, paired with a pair of gray suit shorts, stuffed the shirt into shorts, capable and stylish. And it is relatively official. It is also good to wear to work like this.


Blue striped shirt with gray, black or white suit shorts are good. Refreshing and fashionable, it will make you a beautiful landscape in the office.

If you feel trouble, you can also wear a set

Blue stripe suit

Essence This set of beautiful queen gulls is good. The blue striped long -sleeved shirt is paired with a striped suit shorts like a shirt. Putting the hem on the side of the shirt into the shorts, it is high and layered. This set is intellectual in leisure. Whether it’s going to work or shopping, it is good.

The set of striped shirts and shorts is very easy to match, and it will also look high.

Wear striped shirts with denim trousers in the late summer and early autumn, simple, generous and stylish

The blue striped shirt and jeans are good -looking together. Although this combination is not new, it is classic. It is good to wear. And it will not be outdated for decades.


You can wear it like Song Jia as a blue -and -white striped long -sleeved shirt like the above figure. With a pair of high -waisted denim wide -leg pants, he stuffed all the hem of the shirt into the pants, which is high and neat. With a white bag, refreshing and elegant. It’s good to wear a shopping party like this.

The blue striped shirt and blue jeans are matched with the same color, which has a sense of layering and atmospheric. Suitable people are also wide. Young girls can wear them, and middle -aged women can also be worn.

The picture above is the Smart Cruise ex -wife Katie Holms. She wore a blue striped shirt with a pair of gray -blue conical jeans to stuff the hem of the shirt into the pants, which looks casual, comfortable, comfortable Essence Wearing a pair of black Lebao shoes on your feet is a very stylish set of early autumn streets.


If you think ordinary jeans are a bit monotonous, you can also choose a more distinctive jeans, such as stripes, printed or checkered. But it must be high -waisted loose, because loose pants are wearing atmosphere, and they are more stylish. The girl like the picture above is good. Blue striped shirt with gray striped denim wide -leg pants, very trendy.

Okay, I have talked about the blue striped shirt today. Do you like this dress?

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