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. First, please appear to the protagonist to appear

This picture is the front of the clothes, full of sense

Come, take a look at


The back is a clear needle method, which is very suitable for you who like minimalist




On the back of the front, you can wear both sides on both sides

The back is the design of lazy people




. Several details

Front film


Front film back




Do you want to see the trial effect of the two or two models?

Put the vest inside, with long pants, dripping


Please ignore the big fat hands, appreciate the sleeves, sunscreen, do not need to roll up

, Seeing people’s clothes, you have to pull it on your body


Mainly can plug in the waist of the trousers, and it is thin


And dare to wear without the vest, look at the picture, I have said it right, right?



. To the point, what are the tools?


Line: No. 8 lace line, use 5 groups, 50 grams/group

Use needle: 1.75 mm hook needle


Auxiliary tool: 6 mark deductions

No. 8 lace line


. cloth size:

Weilan self -made hand -painted draft



Who is suitable for?

It is not difficult to see the picture above that this dress is more elastic. It is still 80 pounds, and it is enough to be full to 110. Is it suitable for you with a unique figure?



. Making ideas …


1. Prelimers: Biosteen — Positive Body — Open Hanging (Under the Army) —Eregrome — Shoulder.

2, rear film: lower hem — main body -underarms -shoulders

3. Sleeve: The cuffs start -the sleeve body -sleeve

4. The side of the two pieces before and after suture

5. Sewing sleeves

6. Sewing the sleeve on the clothes

7. The leader hooks



Self -drawing drawing general overview, really thinking about doing this, you need to study the drawings quietly, text and symbols are as important. To develop a certain jumping thinking, you can reduce a lot of tangled troubles.

The front film drawing, applying a single deformation cross -long needle

The lazy design version of the back film is all long needle brush, brush, brush

The sleeves are lazy, and even the cuffs are uniformly uniform



The original intention of design:

Originally, Gu Yu started to start. I always liked to wear simple and pure color models. When the homepage was filmed, the video was made of this deformation cross -long needle.


Later, the weather became cooled repeatedly, and two baby vests, boys vests and girl vest skirts were cut off.


These two video tutorials have also been uploaded, each with three episodes. One is the issue of time limit, and the other is to reduce the trouble of everyone’s viewing fatigue and progress. If the whole demonstration is put together for more than an hour, and if you want to learn a certain detail, you have to find it. Therefore, if you are released separately, everyone wants to find the front film, and if you want to learn suture, you will find sutures. The video will prompt what the content of this episode is.

This trick was chosen by Zai Tsai himself. He took a lot of tricks and fancy it at a glance. We don’t know why? Just follow

The little girl will not choose me to help her. Optional, customized again


. The main purpose of this article

This time, it is mainly to sort out the production ideas of this spring and autumn shoulder sleeve ladies, and simply display the drawings. The basic weaver girl can see the drawings and try to start. The novice little cute wants to wait for the video! The video has been taken, the editing is strenuous, waiting patiently

Banbiao … So many words, just here, step up the video tutorial. At that time