When you just learned makeup, like many novice makeup, Xiaobai, do n’t know how to make makeup brushes and be divided into animal hair and fiber hair? What is the difference between the two? At that time, I was young and ignorant. Now, I finally understand that the brushes of each material are different.

1. Makeup brush animal hair

It is a natural hair scales, so it can adsorb and release the product well -have good powder grasp capacity, long service life, and expensive price.

Second, makeup brush fiber hair

The price is cheap and the touch is poor. It is usually used in wet products such as foundation liquid and concealer, and the powder is weak.

Third, the specific use evaluation of the two products:

1. Artificial fiber hair hellokitty makeup brush

The face value of this brush is very high. Fans are packed with Caiti Cat Cat. It is very young. It is a highly cost -effective novice entry brush. Because it is artificial fiber hair, from the perspective of softness and fluffy, it will not be so skin -friendly and a little bit tie; in terms of the ability and color of the powder, they are poor and need to be used several times to color.

2. Charm Cooper Picasso 11 animal hair makeup brush suits


Because it is true hair, it is amazing that the softness and the skin -friendlyness are very amazing. Basically, all kinds of hair brushes can be colored quickly. The branch may be worth the price of a box of artificial fibers. The specific selection depends on the actual situation of all the little fairy.


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