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Today, I will talk to you about the 43rd set of circulation commemorative coins issued by China- “90th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution” circulation commemorative coins, referred to as “

Revolution of 1911


(From the Internet)

The Revolution of 1911 was issued on September 27, 2001. The face value is 5 yuan, the material is a brass alloy, the diameter is 30 mm, the thickness is 2.5 mm, weighs 12.8 grams, and the circulation is 10 million.

The positive pattern of the 1911 Revolution is the “People’s Republic of China” national name, national emblem, ribbon, and “2001” year number; the back pattern is part of the “Wuchang Uprising” on the “Wuchang Uprising” on the Monument of the People’s Heroes, the “1911 Revolution” and “90th Anniversary “Theme text,” 5 yuan “face value text, invisible text” 1911-2001 “.

The Revolution of 1911 is currently

Market reference price: 17 yuan/beauty


Onlookers are wonderful in the past:

Sitting! This one yuan has been added 5000 times

Onlookers: Have you seen the most circulating coins in my country?

Has this 100 yuan banknotes have increased 20 times? How many more can you find in your house?

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