Today, I will share a thin cotton jacket set of Big Baby Big Baby. The drawing is simple and the method is simple.

Let’s take a look at the style pictures I share with you today. I certainly like it at a glance.


You can also buy this finished warm clothes fabric directly. It’s simpler.

59 yards (babies of about 6 months) sharing

You need other numbers, you can push the board according to the file difference of 3cm long 3cm pants long 3cm pants.


If you want the system to learn more about the method of cutting and drawing and pushing the board, you can click on the circular link below to enter the circle to learn the system.


The production process and sewing process commentary


The choice of fabrics can be cotton, or you can buy the finished fabric of sewing cotton


If it is a finished fabric, you can wash and dry it.

After the drawing drawing above, you can cut it after adding the sewing process to put the sewing process.

The splicing seam with 1cm seam is performed for flat seams. The edge of the outside can not be added without the side side, and the seam is treated directly


Sewing: 1 Switch on the front and rear shoulders of the clothes, 2 upper sleeves. 3 Switch on the front and rear sides of the body, and the bottom of the sleeve. And fix the rope where you need to do the rope. 4 neckline, front and middle, the hem can be wrapped.

Switching of pants: 1 stitching and sewing of the stitching pants. 2 Add rubber bands to the waist and fix. 3 Waist and crotch seams are treated.

The cuffs and foot mouth can be opened as open, and they can be directly edged. If you want to make a thread mouth, you can directly reduce the length of the thread on the length of the length, and the stitching thread can

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.

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Simple and comfortable thin cotton jacket, I can make a set for my baby in half an hour. Attached scissors