Guangming Japanese Newspaper: Witness every blink of “China Sky Eye”

“Sky Eye” panoramic view of “Sky Eyes” from drones from high altitude Ou Dongsun Photography This picture Guangming Daily


The technicians carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of “Sky Eyes”. Ou Dongyun Photography

Implement the “micro -gravity spider -man” maintenance plan on the reflective panel of “Sky Eye”

“Sky Eye” Five Source Counter Ou Dongsun Photography

The technician conducts routine maintenance of the “Sky Eye” promoter

“Sky Eye” General Control Room Ou Dongyun Photography

The “Sky Eye” Ou Dongsun Photography, located between the mountains


Unlike the well -known telescope, China’s FAST (500 -meter -diameter spherical spherical radio telescope) is neither on the top of the mountain, nor traveling to space like “Hubble”. Essence It is like a huge “sky eye”, trying to detect distant, mysterious space.

Dawo, Gudu Town, Qiannan Buyi Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, is in a large funnel of the Domi Dou Tiankeng -as if a natural “giant bowl” bracket can accommodate “Tianyan”. From the foundation of the selection in 2008 to officially started in 2011; from the installation of the first reflective panel to the installation of 4450 reflective panels; from the opening of the project, to the discovery of more than 300 pulse stars; from the acceptance of the national acceptance to the formal pair to the official pair The global scientific community is open -I have witnessed the whole process of “Sky Eye” from falling to the ground to becoming a national beam, and records every blink of it with a camera.


Before the “China Eye” was completed, the American Arcobo Telescope was the world’s largest single -caliber radio telescope. But on December 1, 2020, the Arcobo telescope suddenly collapsed. It is like the historical mission of responsible human destiny. “China Eye” has become the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, which greatly expands the limits of human observation of the universe.


In more than ten years of interview records, I have never taken “Tianyan” as a pure scientific device. “Sky Eye”, what an image, is like a “giant eye” hiding in the mountains quietly observing the universe. It seems to be an extension of the eyes of all human beings. It can see “outside of light years” and can understand the “previous life” of the universe. It can also explore and verify the mysteries that have long been troubled by humans, such as gravity theory, galaxy evolution, and the origin of material and life.

In addition to the function, the name “Tianyan” is also very vivid. With the help of drones, overlooking from a height of 500 meters: the feed compartment of the “Sky Eye” is like a pupil, the reflective panel is the eyeball, the ring beam is the eyebrows, and the six surrounding support towers are eyelashes. ——When the setting sun, the reflective panel reflects the afterglow of the golden color, and it is no longer more able to express the meaning of “fire eyes” than such a scene.

In order to make the long mirror “quietly” looking up at the starry sky, the Qiannan Buyi Miao Autonomous Prefecture has a radio electromagnetic waves in the tranquility zone of nearly 30 kilometers. This means that during the normal observation of “Sky Eyes”, all electronic devices cannot be brought into it. This also provides difficulties in my work. To shoot, it can only be carried out during the maintenance period of “Sky Eyes” every year. That only a few days were extremely precious for me. During the shooting window period, I basically kept the state of load working for 16 hours a day. From the morning to late at night, I took dozens of pounds of equipment to walk through the “sky eyes” and the surrounding mountains.

I have stood on the observation platform next to the “Sky Eye” many times, watching the sunset slowly falling, and the moon or Galaxy slowly rose. At the same time, “Sky Eyes” also looked at the deep universe quietly, trying to answer the ultimate question of “where do I come from, where do I go”. I also entered the interior of the “Sky Eye” late at night, looking out from the feedback compartment, the light of the flashlight, and the connection point of the reflective panel shone, as if the stars shone.

Over the years, I can get surprises every time I shoot “Sky Eyes”, and I can also find the perspective that I never discovered before. For “Tianyan”, it is faced with the universe of “can’t be seen”; for me, it is “not enough” “Tianyan”.


Not only “Tianyan” itself, scientists and technical maintenance personnel working here are also the focus of my interview. Whenever the feedback compartment is put down and scientists enter it for maintenance, I feel that they are entering the interstellar tourists that only exist in science fiction movies, and they are about to start a wonderful journey across time and space.

In order to perform a “health check” of the 4450 reflective panel of “Sky Eye”, the debug team did think of a wonderful idea that only science fiction writers dared to think about. At the end of 2017, they began to develop the “micro -gravity spider -man” maintenance plan, trying to use a 7.6 -meter -diameter -diameter -diameter -diameter pyrone to reduce the weight of the operator to the range that the reflected panel can withstand, so that it can reach any reflex panel execution inspection and maintenance Operation. When the first “micro -gravity spider man” entered the reflective panel, the process was like a planet that humans had never reached, and carefully explored on its surface.

Starting from April 1, 2021, global scientists can submit an observation application to the National Observatory by online, and allocate the observation time from August. After the 57 -year astronomical career of the Aresbo telescope in the United States, China opened the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope to the global scientific community, and shared the vision of the universe to the world expanded by the “China Eye” to the world. This also means that global scientists will break the restrictions of the territory, look up at the sky under the same sky, explore unknown, and work hard for the future and fate of human beings. How exciting this is.

After experiencing the accumulation of observation services when debugging, trial operation and formal opening operation, the current “China Eye” operation is stable and reliable, and the sensitivity ranks first in the world’s radio telescope. Advanced radio telescope. Since then, “China Sky Eye” will also be destined to bear greater responsibilities for the future of human beings. Continue to record the “Sky Eye” in all aspects of the image, it will also be my inconceivable responsibility and obligation as a photographer.


Source/Guangming Daily

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