It is used to determine the temperature and humidity of the environment to determine the environmental conditions of product production or warehousing. It is also applied to people’s daily life. Applications are wide. When there are a lot of water and gas in the air, we say that the air is humid. Here are some common sense in the indoor temperature and humidity meter. Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge together. I hope it can help everyone.

1. Temperature/humidity/air pressure and health

Professor Sugo Chunchun, who specializes in healthy environmental medicine research, has shown that the onset of influenza, asthma, allergic dermatitis, and emphysema, etc., have been related to the decline in human immune capabilities that have lived in lower temperatures since childhood. In winter, you may be most concerned about room temperature. However, you may notice that the room with too high temperature is not comfortable. This is why you usually don’t pay attention to the low humidity. There are almost every family at the temperature table, but there are not many families with humidity tables. The suitable healthy humidity of the human body is 45 % RH-65 % RH, and the indoor humidity in winter is usually (40 % RH. In such a dry environment, people will have various discomforts. First, in a dry environment, human breathing, human breathing System resistance is reduced, and diseases that easily cause or aggravate respiratory systems.

Some research results show that when the air humidity (40 % RH is 40 % RH, the cilia on the nose and lung respiratory tract mucosa slows down, dust, bacteria, etc. are easily attached to the mucous membrane, stimulating the throat to cause cough, and it is also prone to other respiratory tracts. Diseases. In addition, when the air humidity is low, the influenza virus and the Gram -positive bacteria that can cause infection to grow accelerated, and it is also easy to spread with the dust in the air and cause the disease. In addition, allergic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, skin skin, skin Allergic diseases such as itching are also related to dry air.

The impact of altitude on people

At the peak of Mount Everest at an altitude of 8848.13 meters (based on the yellow sea sea level), the air pressure is only 30%of the sea level. People can only breathe 30%of the oxygen. This is the main factor that 8000 meters cannot bear the height of the human body in Shanghai. At an altitude of 5500 meters, human civilization stopped here. No one can live for a long time above the altitude. At this time, more carbon dioxide excretes the lungs of human lungs, which hinders the pH value in the human blood. The kidneys will excrete more liquid to neutralize the acidity of blood, causing the human body to dewater, and no one can live here for 1 year. At 2800 meters above sea level, almost everyone felt the influence of the air. The frequency of breathing accelerates, the human body has a certain response to hypoxia, the brain is slightly swollen, the headache and nausea are caused, the hormones of the kidneys increase, and the blood red blood cells increase. In the sea level, it is easy to breathe and naturally, the blood is sufficiently oxygen, and the heart rate is normal. In addition, every 100 meters above the altitude, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation increases by about 1.3%. The main factor that affects human health is ultraviolet rays. The larger the wavelength of the ultraviolet rays, the greater the damage to the human body.

Second, adjustment method (adapt to pointer temperature and humidity table series)

1. How to adjust the humidity table

①. Cover a wet towel on the back of the humidity surface or the entire wrap for about 30 minutes

②. At this time, the humidity sheet should show 95 % RH

③. If the pointer fails to point to the 95 % RH, you should use the appropriate screw knife, on the back or open the back cover, and the spiral fixing frame until the pointer is 95 % RH.


2. How to adjust the temperature table

Use another precision and accurate temperature (count) table for reference, and use the above method to adjust until the correct reading.

3. How to adjust the air pressure gauge

①. Compared with another one that can show your correct air pressure (measure) table at that time, or compare your local weather report

②. If the number of display readings of the air pressure gauge is lower than that of the correct pneumatic reading at that time, please use a screwdriver to twist the screw behind the air pressure gauge with a word screwdriver, so that the display of the air pressure gauge is adjusted to the correct reading. vice versa

3. Precautions and maintenance:

1. The temperature and humidity clock should be hung with good ventilation places to avoid being installed on the wall with direct sunlight. The air -conditioning machine outlet can indicate the correct reading after 30 minutes.

2. Do not be rained by the temperature and humidity table.

3. The human body is comfortable and temperature and humidity are: 18 ℃ —23 ℃ 45 % RH -65 % RH

4. Appropriate humidity of crops is: 22 ° C -32 ° C 60 % RH -80 % RH

5. Users can compare the temperature and humidity data displayed by this product with the suitable, stored temperature and humidity data provided below to provide a scientific basis for your storage

When it comes to temperature and humidity, we will naturally think of the “three volts” and the cold and cold “three nine”. In fact, the changes in temperature and humidity in different seasons are closely related to our health. The research results show that the suitable health temperature of the human body is 18 ° C-25 ° C, and the healthy humidity is 40 % -70 % RH. In this environment, the human body feels the most comfortable. When the temperature is 24 ° C-30 ° C and the humidity is less than 60 %, the human body feels hot and not stuffy; when the temperature is higher than 80 ° C and the humidity is greater than 70 %, the human body feels sultry; at the temperature higher than 36 ° C, the humidity is greater than the humidity greater than the humidity greater than that of 36 ° C. At 80 %, the human body feels severe sultry and the sweating mechanism is blocked.

Temperature and humidity and disease


Traditional Chinese medicine refers to “wind, cold, summer, wet, dry, fire” as six qi. In fact, the six air is the reflection of the air flow, the temperature height, and the humidity. When the six qi occurs suddenly or the human body’s resistance and adaptability decrease, the six qi becomes a factor in the disease. There are many winds in spring, and there are summer diseases in summer. Many diseases are closely related to temperature and humidity, especially related to too low humidity. Modern medical discovery: Under the relative humidity of 45 % -55 %, the average life expectancy of the germs is the shortest. Excessive or low humidity will cause the germs to prolong the life of the germs. When the humidity of the air is 35 % RH, the cilia of the nose and lung respiratory mucosa slows down, dust and bacteria are easily attached to the mucous membrane, which stimulates the throat and cause cough and other respiratory diseases. When the air humidity is low, the breeding rate of the influenza virus and the Gram -positive bacteria that can cause infection will accelerate, and it is easy to spread, causing diseases. In addition, allergic dermatitis, asthma, and itching of the skin are also related to dry air.

Cosmetic decision

The main ingredient of the skin is water, and the epidermis and leather of adults are about 70 % of water. Moderate moisture can keep the skin’s gloss and color. Properly control the humidity of the air can the water balance between air and the skin can be achieved. If it is dry for a long time, the epidermis will gradually lose elasticity and gloss due to lack of water, accelerating the aging of the stratum corneum. In addition, high temperature and hot and cold dryness can also cause water disorders in the human body. Therefore, the temperature and humidity changes at any time, and the corresponding protection measures are important aspects to maintain skin glory.


Dry air not only causes various diseases, but also has certain destructiveness for daily life, such as causing furniture deformation, cracking, damage, etc., especially wooden floors, which will also crack. In addition, the static electrostatic phenomenon caused by dryness to the human body is also known to the destruction of production. Because of the destructiveness of static electricity, the electronic equipment of modern computer rooms and communications rooms is increasingly stricter for environmental humidity. Generally, 45 % -60 % RH is generally required. When the environmental humidity is too low, it is easy to cause short -circuit and middle -level fires such as static electricity. The normal operation of the program is damaged lightly, which affects the calculation results; if it is severely, it will cause device damage and the consequences are unimaginable. The deeper people know this, the stronger the awareness of health and environmental consciousness, so they buy air -conditioning, electric heater, humidifier, dehumidifying air -changing fan, etc. to adjust the temperature and humidity of the environment at any time to ensure that life is healthier and comfortable.


Everything in the world has “degrees”. Too “degree” will go to the opposite side. The temperature and humidity meters produced by Ming Gao Hardware Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. can help you grasp the changes in temperature and humidity and improve the surrounding environment. High -quality and humanized products are convenient for you to use temperature and humidity adjustment devices in time to achieve the best health value domain.

Tips for using indoor temperature and humidity meters