The installation of the sliding door handle must be in line with our human organization’s engineering, and it is based on the living habits of enterprise users and the convenience of use.

Open door

Compared to other opening methods, because the door also has moved, turning, rolling curtains, rolling lifts, drooping, rotating, and so on.

Sliding door

With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration methods, the sliding door from the traditional plate surface, to glass, fabric, rattan, aluminum alloy profile, from the sliding door, folding door to the partition door, the function and use range of the sliding door are constantly on the sliding door. Extension.

Sliding door brand

It will make the living room look lighter, and the segmentation, covering, etc. are so simple but without changing. In today’s promotion of being close to nature, a smooth and transparent sliding door can be installed on the balcony position to enjoy the sun and scenery. It can be installed and installed by on -site construction simulation at the same time. After installation, it should be more firm, beautiful, the flexibility of students, and convenient use of students. During installation, all tensors of the same sliding door should be neatly consistent, and the horizontal and vertical deviation is less than 1mm.

If you choose a suspension sliding door, you must install the rail box first during the installation process, and then laid tiles. The transition between the two places must be dealt with, because the track needs to withstand great pressure.


The size of the rail box should not exceed 12 cm and the width should not exceed 9 cm, because the height of many doors is about 2 meters now. If it is lower than this range, it is easy to make people feel frustrated. To better install the door frame, if the rail box is exposed to the outside, it will affect the aesthetics, and the durability will become relatively poor.

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