In May, when it is cold, it is time to prepare T. Simple solid color T-shirts, the most basic style, is super chicken. With some small accessories, the easiest T-shirt can also wear the frontier fashion. Share some simple basic T-shirts today.


NO.1 South Korea summer solid color cotton wild short-sleeved T-shirt

¥ 98.00

South Korea summer solid color cotton wild short-sleeved T-shirt female loose thin student half-sleeved Korean version of the middle sleeve bottoming shirt

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Simple small white T, this year, Korean fried chicken popular solid color white t, one person hand, wild, cheap, comfortable. A lot of words to describe it.

No.2 Leisure and Loose BF Korean College Feng Simple cotton bottoming shirt

¥ 110.00

Summer student T-shirt Han Fan female wild short-sleeved casual loose BF Korean version of the college style simple cotton bottoming shirt


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The closet of stealing boyfriend seems to be a season of tide people’s hobby, boyfriend’s clothing and its modified body, and leisure, refreshing, not doing. Use other cotton fabric to be customized, very breathable sweat, the whole summer can wear, minimalist, is your spring and summer must be a few choices! 90 to 130 pounds can wear!

NO.3 stars Soviet pendant T-shirt


¥ 78.00

2016 summer new women’s stars flow Soviet pendant T-shirt short sleeve hollow neckline loose compassion shirt women

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It’s especially keen on the T-shirt, not only because of his hundred or classic non-weak. It’s all right, I love TA, because his neck design is also distinguished from us to the T-shirt ~

NO.4 loose large size under the fork five-point sleeve irregular long-sleeved T-shirt


¥ 99.00

Wang Daren summer five-point sleeve irregular long-sleeved T-shirt solid color loose large size under European and American style short sleeves P


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The material is very good, there is no kind of grinding cotton T looks there is no body shape, thin and not personal, simple single-side fork is short, the collar is also unique, porridge this irregular The neckline, very temperament, feel very good, it is very profitable,

NO.5 Europe and the United States loose minimalist wild short-sleeved T-shirt

¥ 85.00

2016 summer women’s new compained big round neck Europe and America loose simple wild short-sleeved T-shirt female white black


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Very simple ordinary t-shirt! Spring is doing inside, in the summer solo, it is suitable ~ round neck, short sleeves, simple to the designer did not add any patterns to it, even a letter; at first glance, you will feel there is no heart, but it is simple. The more you can put out the temperament of the clothes, the more simple and better, show the temperament;


NO.6 couple 蜜 round neck loose solid color short sleeve T-shirt

¥ 39.90

Homemade 5-2 wild round neck loose solid color short-sleeved T-shirt casual bottoming shirt couple honey shared tide


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Basic T-shirts, very classic version, no extra modifications, but the more simple matching, the more you have a hand. This store is also a worker. I have 7 colors. The more eyebrows can change different styles every day, so that this summer is no longer simple, haha, girlfriends are proper, ~ Of course, couples can also Making lovers, deliberately doing big size, is a size suitable for boys

NO.7 round neck leisure T-Shirt White placed on the bottom


¥ 69.00

Special 4-19 summer basic model solid color T-shirt women short-sleeved round neck leisure T-Shirt white plastic shirt

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This basic T-shirt fabric is customized in Korea, is reflected, and it is breathable, but it is not easy to deform, the material is very good. The most important thing is a solid color T-shirt, not too loose version, but the version is thin, this is still very difficult.

NO.8 small loose cotton V collar T-shirt

¥ 73.75

20% off Hui Y411 small loose cotton V collar T-shirt simple casual white T new black top 0419

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100% cotton, 21 smear, water is washed soft, it is not easy to deform, it is not easy to shrink, comfortable and soft, moisture and wicking, very breathable. Fine workmanship. Edition is easy and casual but not fat, suitable for most body

NO.9 small short seven-point sleeve solid color T-shirt

¥ 69.90


Huagui Y381 small short seven-point sleeve solid color T-shirt thin cotton loose T female simple 2016 new spring dress

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Omboy personality, style, 100% cotton, moisture absorption, soft skin, bat sleeve loose version, three colors, but only 2 colors are left like selling in the description. A part of the genre.


NO.10 wild commuter short-sleeved T-shirt loose thin bottoming shirt

¥ 88.00

ZZ famous products hot summer new wild commuter short-sleeved T-shirt loose thin bottoming shirt zH02088

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Belt in easily, don’t worry about your body, whether it is a cowboy, shorts is still in the early spring, the jacket knit, she will surprise you, she will definitely be your Spring and Summer love wear That


NO.11 简 简 百搭 纯色 V-neck T-shirt short sleeve shirt


¥ 119.00

Oxygen seed custom fabrics must have a simple wild color V-neck t-shirt short sleeve jacket two colors summer


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It is the most classic and elegant color, in the hot spring and summer season, you must not have a white single product. Pure white matches are not only fresh, but also very temperament. V-neck care machine, not only showing your good-looking clavicle line, but also a small face.

No.12 Naturally, Blue Hundreds, Basic Cotton Round Neck Light T

¥ 68.00

Naturally, the blue wild, the basic cotton round neck bottom T exclusive 4 color into pre-sale

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Very good look, the upper body is very small, cotton fabric, comfort is the most important. A total of 4 colors, each is small and fresh.

NO.13 white knitted short-sleeved T-shirt female wild thin bottoming shirt

¥ 59.00


DHR summer new 2016 Korean version of the slim white knit short-sleeved T-shirt female wild thin bottoming shirt R6085


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Hundreds of knitted T-shirts ~~~ This is also relatively thin, summer can wear ~~ Don’t think it will be hot, this breathable is very good ~ White is a wild Practical ~ The fabric is soft and comfortable ~ there is a single dress ~ This solid color is really a simply temperament ~

NO.14 five-point sleeve cotton tops Slim bottoming shirt women

¥ 72.00


Moss custom 2016 summer new five-point sleeve cotton top Slim bottoming shirt female AD61179

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The store is preempting, not only invincible cost performance, the key is simple and good, because it is close to wear, in the choice of material, I have to choose carefully, the fabric uses imported cotton knit fabrics, very slim, while ensuring texture I don’t have to worry about worrying in summer, the openwork strap design behind the waist is the highlight of the TEE. The shy showing sexy little waist and waist, and there are more lovely taste this is a meat. Golden sleeve long is not only thin arms, but also very elegant, the chest big waist will rely on it ~ The basic T of the careful design is completely unprecedented, no matter how simple shorts or long skirts can match it. Very fashionable

NO.15 Simple short sleeve round neck loose solid color T-shirt

¥ 66.00

Moss custom 2016 summer new simple short sleeve round neck loose solid color T-shirt female AD61175


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This year, the epidemic collar has a hollowed effect, this is my friend Korean designer design, sincere. The neckline of the big U port is designed, adding the fine straps in the position of the clavicle, casual feelings and feminine. This is not enough, adding a metal chain through the link, real can make a simple small white T exquisite and fashionable. The fabric uses pure cotton, invincible skin, the key upper body also has a cool feeling, and it is better to wear in the summer. The entire version is a loose direct version, with a little lazy, perfect covering, perfect covering, a hand, it is a very amount of white T, a good quality. Short pants with cowboy blue cowboy trousers will look good, and there is no pressure at all.

Today is 15 models, each is a solid color T, small fresh style, slightly sexy short T, and the style of literary style. I hope everyone likes it. Minimal T is not only necessary, but this year is also super popular fashion matching items. Also very age.