Friends who have just entered the foreign trade bank will raise the issues related to the original foreign trade orders. What does it mean to be the original foreign trade order? Is the original foreign trade order genuine? Is the original foreign trade order on Taobao? Wait a series of issues. So today the little fisherman will talk to you about the original foreign trade orders.

Original foreign trade

1. What does the original foreign trade order mean

The original foreign trade order was working in a factory in China, and the brand provided fabrics and versions by the brand. This kind of goods are also called Yu orders on the market. The full name is the original single -end goods, and there are also foreign trade tail orders.

2. The difference between the original foreign trade order and the genuine product

The genuine product that is commonly referred to is the goods and crafts created by the factory according to the independent design of the brand. Usually this type of goods is superior to the quality standards of international brands. Such goods are counter goods sold only in stores or shopping mall counters. Even if the goods are outdated or over the season, the brander will only put it on Outlet to clear it, and it will not easily flow into ordinary foreign trade stores on the market. The number of fabric accessories obtained by the factory is very strict controlled, but despite this, foundries can still secretly processes the production and production of the excess. The key difference between goods and original products and genuine products is that it is not in the original plan, and the number is small. To say that the difference between the original foreign trade order and genuine products are mainly reflected in the three aspects: price, auxiliary materials and details.

1. Different prices


The superposition of the cost of various production management stores makes the price of genuine products high, and the original foreign trade orders are generally more products other than orders or some products that have been eliminated during quality inspection. The price is relatively low.

2. Different materials

For some luxurious brands, in order to ensure the grade of the product, the main ingredients of the general product are selected by the brand. Essence For the original foreign trade order, some of the raw materials of the product are replaced by the factory selection of similar materials, but it is difficult to see the difference between the two without the inspection by professionals.

3. Different details

The brand commissioner has strict requirements for the finished product and even the number of needles. As long as there is one item, even if the other details are no problem, they will also be the secondary product and become the so -called original single -end goods. Because of the lack of the harsh requirements of the commissioner, the production monitoring of the color, the number of needles, and the number of needles, etc. will be relatively lax, and the details will be relatively poor.

Third, the type of foreign trade original order

The definition of the original foreign trade orders is too wide, so if the original bill is divided into the original foreign trade original goods, there are many types:

1. Factory tail goods

The manufacturer’s planned scrapped materials from less than 3%, secretly processed garments, and the number is small. When it comes to encountering, it is lucky.

2.QC goods

QC goods are often called mouse goods, which refers to the secondary products that account for 2%-5%of the total number of 2%-5%of the total number of quality control departments. The brand does not pick up the goods, and cannot be sold. This batch of goods is theoretically destroyed by the quality control personnel, but some people will always drill loopholes under the brand’s eyelids and flow this batch of goods into the market. As for the labeling after flowing into the market, it is not a matter of the factory, and the brand cannot manage it.

3. Single -explosive goods

Under the premise of producing the number of contracts for contracting, there are also excess materials that can continue to be produced. However, this type is generally ordinary brands, and big names are impossible.

4. Stocks

Various small amounts of miscellaneous goods accumulated in the factory warehouse are generally welfare as internal employees and cannot be purchased in large quantities.

5. OEM subcontract

For large -scale orders, large factories are generally outsourced to produce small factories with a certain ability. As long as the quality inspection can pass, it is difficult to ensure that small factories do not process them without permission.

4. In addition to the original foreign trade order, what other units are there

In addition to the original foreign trade order, we often hear about the nouns such as followers, imitation orders, what are these?

1. Follow the unit

The foundry will purchase fabric accessories to replace some of the original materials, and it will be processed and produced by the single privately. Such goods are called follow -up goods. What is used in the single it is genuine workmanship. Although the material quality needs to be discounted, after all, it has the same version as the genuine product, and the upper body effect is quite good.

2. Pursuing units

When the manufacturers’ original fabrics are used up, the merchants chase the goods again. At this time, they can only purchase a batch of similar fabrics in China. This is called chasing unit goods.

3. Image unit

After the big -name genuine flowing into the market, a large number of imitations will appear in a short period of time, and it is also called goods. So you will see that it is also a brand of clothes, and the style is the same, and the price difference is very different. But these imitation units are the worst quality.

5. How to find the source of the original units of foreign trade

Basically, through the introduction of friends in the industry, contact the stalls that cooperate with long -term cooperation to collect inventory, and collect the stock inventory from the factory, and whether it is good or bad and the quantity, discuss a price and pack all the price! Except for those who can’t be sold, whether the rest can make money depends on their own evaluation level, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is gambling.

6. How can we avoid the pits when buying the original single store on Taobao’s original single store?

There are still some shops on Taobao’s original order, but now the fake goods are so serious that there is basically no living space in the real foreign trade original single store. Many of the previously good shops are transformed into document stores. However, there are still some ways to learn from the selection of reliable foreign trade single stores.

1. The picture is blurred and unclear, and the quality of the product is afraid of exposing the quality of the product. The picture is too professional and not credible. The original foreign trade single volume is relatively small. There is no need to ask the professional model team to pack it. Many original orders are taken with mobile phones.

2. Ask the unbelievable customer service in seconds. Generally, only sellers or several people operate. The possibility of repayment message is less likely.

3. As for a series of bills such as counter tickets, it is even more funny. It is impossible for the factory to circulate some tail goods. Only Xiaobai will believe it.

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