It is said that the smell (L ’Odeur) is the most long -lasting memory of human beings. The smell of good smell is easy to attract the attention of others!

In the movie “Smelling Fragrance Women”, there is a classic scene: When the Lieutenant Colonel Frank was dinner at a high -end restaurant, the blindness of the Chinese colonel was abnormally sensitive to hearing and smell. A classic tango dance in Hollywood was born, and the scene was really memorable.

If clothing and cosmetics show the beauty of a woman in the form of vision, then the aroma expresses her sexy and charm in the form of smell, reveals her temperament and taste, and also hides her emotions and desires.

Entry oil perfume flavor composition

How to use aromatic oil to volatilize, and according to the fragrance of different levels of the front, middle and back, mix a bottle of “perfume” with a complete aroma, and pay attention to the combination in this order.

Pre -adjustment: The first smell that was smelled at first was also the first impression of people. Its volatile speed and strong odor, mainly attracting the attention of the outside world. The fragrance.

Middle: The taste that comes from the front of the front is evaporated. It is the taste that the perfume mainly wants to convey. The volatile speed is ordinary, just like the romance of stable development between men and women, usually the fragrance with floral fragrance and wooden ingredients.

Rear adjustment: After the central disappearance is disappeared, it starts to make a taste. Like the long -lasting love, mostly consisting of cedar, sandalwood, and other wooden types.

Standards for essential oil perfume classification


Light perfume


Ancient dragon water

Essential oil perfume DIY steps

If you want to be good, you must first benefit your instrument and prepare the following materials:


A. Alcohol

B. Empty glass perfume bottle

C. Pure natural unilateral essential oil

Process process

1. Put pure essential oil into the cup.

2. Mix with a bamboo stick or glass stick.

3. Pour alcohol into the test tube for later use (if you make light perfume or ancient dragon water, pour distilled water and alcohol into the test tube in this step).

4. Slowly pour the alcohol in the test tube into the cup, and constantly stir the toasts until you mix evenly.

5. Pour the solution into a dark glass bottle, tighten the bottle cap, and stay for about an hour. In order to achieve the best aroma effect, it is recommended to place it for about a month to mix even the aroma of each level.


Commonly used essential oil perfume DIY formula

A fatal woman incense (suitable for all beautiful women)


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B sweet citrus fragrance (suitable for lively and cheerful women)

Bergamot+orange+Du Song

C honey sweet fragrance (suitable for sweet love lovers)


D cool green grass fragrance (suitable for hot summer days)


E warm and exotic incense (suitable for cold winter)

Yilan+Sweet Orange+Sandalwood

F to the forest incense (suitable for working during the day)

Lavender+Cedar+Du Song

There are no formulas or taboos in the deployment method, you can use your imagination and creativity.

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