Ding Liang’s mother, known as the “Liang Shi Grandma”, is the “technical backbone” in the community square dance team.


After dinner, do housework for a while, about 7:30, and I couldn’t beat the old sisters to dance. After dancing today, she returned home and sent a mall link, so I helped me buy a pair of shoes: “This was introduced by Ying Sister, she wore dancing, and she was particularly beautiful with ethnic style thighs!” I ca n’t be neglected. I opened a look. It turned out to be the dance shoes that danced to dancing. The shiny and foreign appearance was 4 or 5 cm. As soon as a woman put on high heels, her posture became straight, and she was really beautiful!

The soles of dance shoes are thin, and the shock absorption effect is relatively poor

However, professional knowledge tells me that the soles of this dance and shoe are thin, the shock absorption effect is relatively poor, and it is not suitable for dancing square dance.

Dance shoes are professional dance design, such as tango, just just, etc., such dancing venues are usually wooden floors and have certain elasticity. You can dance in the square in the community. The ground is cement or tiles. It is very hard. In addition, the dance may have legs, bouncing, and kicking movements to cause impact and vibration to the lower limb joints. This requires that shoes have a good buffer effect


Which shoes are most suitable for square dance?

I went to check some information.

All -around shoes

Is the best choice

Dancing and wearing sneakers are the best


Dancing and wearing sneakers is the best. At present, sports shoes are very detailed, running shoes, football shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, etc. How to choose no square dance shoes? I think you can buy “all -round shoes”, that is, “comprehensive training shoes” -the text and arc design of its soles can be suitable for a variety of sports, the shoes are soft and have a certain buffer.


The sole is too thin

“White Rice Fish” upper is too thin

The cheap and beautiful canvas shoes are commonly known as “white rice and fish”, light and soft, and they are very comfortable. However, the upper is too thin to support the arch of the arch. When performing severe or for a long time, there is a risk of sprains of ankle joints. The same is true for cloth shoes. You can choose a relatively thick canvas shoes with a good bottom, which is relatively good.


Leather shoes slippers sandals

Not suitable for wearing


Leather shoes are easy to sprain feet

The soles of leather shoe are relatively hard and have poor buffer performance. Its purpose is to walk or decorate and not apply to exercise. Slippers and sandals have poor support. Wearing sports, the muscles of the lower limbs are prone to fatigue, and it is easy to sprain feet, causing accidents such as falling.


Square dance shoes

Poor safety

Lack of security

This is the shoes found on the Internet. The shape looks like a sports shoes, which increases back and forth, and the feet are concave. There is no support in the middle of this shoe, not particularly suitable for square dance. Especially the elderly’s arch supports poor support, wearing this shoe dancing and lack of safety.

Now I have a bottom, I chose a pair of all -around shoes on the Internet, and I also bought a dance shoes with beautiful teachers. I just told her:

“When dancing in the square, you can wear dance shoes and make pretty all -around shoes when you are dancing at a half times!”