Selecting the sucking door panel depends on the substrate quality and PVC membrane quality

Now when you buy a cabinet, you will choose a plastic panel. The plastic door panel has the characteristics of strong three -dimensional sense, pure color, and vivid wood grain. At the same time, it also has a certain degree of resistance to deformation, heat resistance, dirt resistance, scratch resistance and other performance. The main reason is mainly due to the main reason. It is a PVC film on the surface and different materials. Then, which one is strong, how to distinguish the quality of the plastic door panel?

Substrate material

The quality of the substrate determines whether the suction door panel has the ability to eat nails, hold nails, and resist deformation and environmental protection performance. Good plastic door panel substrates are different from density. You can choose the same size and size. Small plates are weighed, and the density of high -density plants holding the nails and strong resistance to deformation. You can find a few more shops to see different brands of cabinet door panels.

It is not difficult to find that the samples of the basic cabinet booth are almost the same size, mostly about 40 cm in length and about 30 cm wide. Therefore, we can see some differences with the weight of it by hand.

PVC film quality

The quality of the suction film determines the performance of the suction door panel. The suction film must reach a certain thickness, and the glue is uniform. If the thickness of the membrane is low, it will produce dew and orange peel when it is covered. The stress of the sucking machine should deal with these two phenomena. Although the problems of dew and deformation are reduced, it cannot ensure the adhesion and firmness of the membrane skin and the substrate.

The PVC membrane itself cannot bond with the substrate through glue, so it needs to roll the glue on the back. It is called a gel. Unexplained of the membrane cortex can cause the substrate that cannot be bonded normally. The problem of yellow changes in the suction plate is inevitable, but to ensure the stability of the surface texture and color of the PVC, otherwise it may fade during the wiping process.

When you arrive at the store, you can find it by hand, and use your nails to lightly press the plastic door panel. If the depression is depressed, it proves that the PVC film is relatively thin and the density of the substrate is relatively low.

If you don’t feel smooth, have bubbles, or do not adsorb tightly, prove that the production process does not meet the standard. Once the moisture, the door panel will completely crack and deform.


The above is the method of distinguishing the quality of the plastic door panel. To sum up, it is to look at the PVC film and basic materials. I hope that the above content will be helpful to everyone.


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