Following the suspension of Taiwan’s pineapple (pineapple), the General Administration of Customs of China issued a notice today that it will suspend the suspension of Taiwan Shakya and Lotus Mist into mainland China from September 20 due to detecting quarantine harmful creatures. According to the “Agricultural Committee” statistics of the DPP authorities, Lotus Mist and Shakya exported to mainland China last year accounting for 97%and 95%, respectively. Chen Jizhong, chairman of the “Agricultural Committee”, held a press conference at 3:30 pm today, and led the relevant units to explain that he claimed that he had prepared 1 billion yuan (NT $, the same below) project funding, and he would take relevant response measures. However, the people of Taiwan do not buy this. During the live broadcast of the press conference, some netizens kept comments and scolded.

Chen Jizhong claimed that the “Agricultural Committee” and the people were unacceptable to the mainland’s announcement, and also said that such measures did not meet the norms of the WTO. He also said that in response to countermeasures, it will protect internal and foreign sales with 1 billion project funds, the goal is to protect the rights and interests of farmers. The domestic sales parts include the adjustment of the production period, the promotion of Sakya income insurance, the e -commerce sales, the “agricultural travel coupon” increase, the enterprise procurement platform, and the startup processing.


The export part, including improving export rewards, strengthened the existing market expansion in mainland China (Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Hong Kong and Macao regions); strengthening new export products and new market development such as Japan and Vietnam; export targets are 5,000 tons of Shakya 5,000 tons , Lotus Mist 1000 tons.

Chen Jizhong’s statement attracted the bombardment of the people in Taiwan. Some netizens pointed out in a blood -stroke that “‘Agricultural Committee’ incompetence! Do not strengthen the prevention and treatment of pests and insect pests and tests. “Gold”, “incompetence officials will only be hundreds of millions of, what is the significance of opening billions of checks everywhere? May I ask these hundreds of millions of money to take out from your own pockets, or the hard -earned money paid from the people?”,,, “,?”,, “,?” “It is helpless, the supervision is unparalleled, and the market is scattered and incompetent! Usually you scold the buyer, and you can’t eat it when you sell it in the event of an export.

Some netizens pointed out, “After the pineapple incident, the diseased and insect pests that should be exported to export fruits should be strengthened. Pests and insect pests are required to be qualified in the import of fruits in the world. After passing the customs, I earned it in the past, and it was difficult to use Cai Yingwen to make trouble by Cai Yingwen in the past.

Some netizens are “taunting”, saying “Is the pineapple finished?”, “It’s okay, let the Taiwan troops eat it. There used to be pineapple. Now you can eat lotus fog and Shakya. Hurry up to Japan and Australia, don’t forget that there are Lithuania and Czech Republic. “

Some netizens believe that “Ma Ying -jeou’s export of the mainland was 38%in the export of the mainland, and now Taiwan’s export dependence on the mainland is 44%! Why the” Democratic Lai Pig Party “delusion is the American chess piece while fighting the mainland. Taiwan’s people’s livelihood economy depends on the support of the mainland. Isn’t it looking for death? “

According to the statistics of the “Agricultural Committee”, the total exports of Taiwan Lotus Fog last year totaled 4942 tons, of which 4792 tons were sold to mainland China, accounting for nearly 97%. In metric tons to Singapore, there are 1 metric ton export to the Palau Islands and Macau China.

The Shakya section was about 14,284 tons of exports last year, of which 13,588 tons were sold to mainland China, accounting for more than 95%. Singapore, 23 tons sold to Malaysia, 7 tons to Indonesia, 5 tons to Macau, China, and 2 tons to Brunei.

(Lin Jingxian/Edit)