In the decoration design, the size of the hanging painting is also a certain amount, such as the proportion of the painting and wall of the restaurant, here is a more passionate place. The paintings hanging too much easy space is too full, and the painting painting is too small. This makes many people who have broken when they choose decorative painting. I will talk about the scale of the restaurant. I am preparing to take the netizens who are painted in the restaurant. You can refer to it!

1, single hanging painting

1 large wall hanging 33%


For the case of hanging single-blessings, the first choice should look at the area size of the wall. If it is a regular large-scale wall, it is necessary to use the wall of the restaurant space to occupy the left and right size of about 33%. Yes.


▲ The wall is relatively wide, and the painting is one-third.

2 small wall is hung 50%

If the wall area of ​​the wall is relatively small, then the left and right ratios of the painting can be hung by more than 50%, so the overall space feeling will be more abundant.

▲ The wall is relatively narrow, and the painting is half.


3 match with the sideboard

If the restaurant is placed in the finished food side cabinet, the painting drawing can also be educed with the dimension of the sideboard, and the overall picture will be harmoniously uniform.

▲ Painting and the sideboard echo.

2, double hanging painting

The wall of the restaurant is hanging two paintings. Generally, such a design is a symmetric technique, and the left and right proportion of the wall can be controlled around 50%, then the painting is also in the middle, and the overall space is more symmetrical.

▲ Two paintings, left and right, half of the wall.

3, three hanging paintings


1 table chair

This generally shaft aliasing technique is intended to be a shaft-aligned technique, taking into account the design of the table and chairs, the generally hanging picture is controlled in the area of ​​the table and chairs, so that Will not cause the painting of the hanging outflow.

▲ The three drawings are controlled in the table chair.


2 occupying 60% wall


The hanging painting technique for three draws is axisymmetrical. The typical typography between the hanging painting will be close, then leave a similar picture in the left and right sides, so the overall picture occupies the left and right proportion of the wall is about 60%, also You can refer to the gold proportional number 0.618.

▲ The three draw ratios can account for 60%.

4, banner hanging painting

The banner is laterally hanging. The overall figures are relatively large, and the proportion of left and right plug-in frame can be controlled at about 70%, then there will be a relatively large blank space up and down, and the overall space feeling will be more level.

▲ The left and right sides of the banner can occupy 70%.


5, special hanging painting

1 combined with the shape

If there is a border shape on the surface of the meal, it is already part of the shape. When choosing the painting, it is necessary to consider the split ratio.

▲ The wall is styled, and the shaded size is decided to shape.


2 photo wall combination

If the wall is a large-scale wall with a wall with the living room and other walls, you can also take the design of the photo wall combination. At this time, you can hang some more, so that the simple wall is more interesting.

▲ photo wall combination, is generally suitable for large-scale walls, and it is necessary to consider the entire restaurant wall.

3 irregular hanging painting

There are now some irregular hanging paintings, when choosing the picture frame, such as the hexagonal painting, is also a comparative literary design, the single proportion of the hanging painting is controlled within the table, and there words will control It is better within the range of dining table + dining chairs.

▲ irregularly hanging.

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