On June 27th, the 45 -year -old “Cycluba” Charliez Selon appeared in Los Angeles as a host and hosted a public welfare premiere of “Speed ​​and Passion 9”.

It can be seen from the picture that the “Sai Emperor” is wearing a white shirt with a black short skirt and black leather high heels, and a small black leather bag. The black and white combination, plus a blond hair and red lips, is also very eye -catching. It seems that the queen’s posture is full of the aura, which looks very capable!


At the premiere of “Speed ​​and Passion 9”, the “Sai Emperor” looks super good, standing with a smile on his face, the legs are thin and long, and the skin maintenance is super good. I can’t see that “Sai Emperor” is the mother of two children, and they are almost 50 years old.

The action movie “Speed ​​and Passion 9” was released in China on May 21st. The release time in North America was more than a month in advance, and the box office of more than 1 billion yuan was finally available. Now it is released in the United States and won 3,000 in less than a week. Good results for 10,000 box office. The villain image in the movie is also very handsome. The drag racing did not lose the other actor. A short hair was superb, and it was countless.


Born in South Africa, the “Emperor” went to Hollywood as early as 18, because of his outstanding appearance and hot body, the audience was called “South African Diamonds” and “Hollywood Venus”. One of the actresses with attention.


In 2003, she won the Best Actress of the Oscar Gold Award for the Female Killer in the suspense crime film “Female Devil” adapted from real events, and her acting skills were quite good. In the movie, the “Sai Emperor” changed the image of the hot and sweet goddess in the past, shaving the eyebrows for the role, and destroyed the face. Even the audience could not recognize it, it was super dedicated!

Today, the 45 -year -old “Sai Emperor” often comes out of the gym, and his body is super good and has no way to go. The action films such as “The City of Extreme Cold” and “Eternal Life” make her attention and popularity. look forward!