Shirt is the most basic match,

It is also a very versatile item

Essence Many eyebrows think of shirts. The first will think of formal and serious, and they will think that they belong to the workplace.


Regarding the matching of shirts, you may think of single wear,

Or match with a suit jacket


Essence How can we match the western and stylish shirts? Xiaobian will share with you today, the Japanese wearing rules.

Although Japanese is not the most individual, it

Visual sense must be the most comfortable

It is versatile and tolerant. I also hope that Meimei can get inspiration in the matching.


Recommended Japanese shirt with

Basic shirt+nine -point suit pants

In Japanese matching, the most commonly used is the basic minimalist model, because the basic shirt,

It is the most versatile tolerance and the strongest

In terms of color selection, blue, and white, it will appear refreshing and clean.

Light blue shirt with jeans,

Improve the waistline is the most important part of the Japanese match

In this way, it can be visually modified, showing high and thin, and highlighting the overall sense of high sense. With nine -point suit pants, it is more thin and casual.

Bubble sleeve shirt+suit pants

If you think that the basic shirt of the basic model is too single, you can choose a style with design details. Bubble sleeve shirt is a good choice.

Reduce the formal sense of white shirt

, Add sweet and cute.

The lower body is equipped with light green suit pants

With white shirts, sweet and youthful, make people’s eyes shine. In the workplace and daily life, they are very suitable. They are paired with small white shoes or high heels. Exquisite and leisure let everyone switch at will.

Denim shirt jacket+half -body long skirt

The denim jacket with a white T -shirt, and a long skirt, a sweet, cute and intellectual set of combinations, whether it is dating or commuting, can play perfectly. All

Classic T -shirts and denim jackets


Then the only highlight is the long skirt, with a multi -color grid pattern, injecting a trace of agility in a single overall match. Pay attention to

Just pull the skirt waistline to raise

In this way, it will highlight the perfect overall proportion.

Black shirt jacket+white wide -leg pants


Black shirt coat with white wide -leg pants, with the most classic black and white colors, perfectly matched simple and stylish wear. The inside is also paired with white, or black short T.

The overall shape will not appear the third color,

Full of high -level sense.

With the wide -leg pants with the lower body, handsome and stylish. If the upper body only has a black tone, it is considered too dull, then

You can choose a white canvas bag


Overall echoing up and down, clean and not abrupt.


Lace lace shirt+jeans


If you want to wear a pure white shirt and dress, then you need to spend a little bit of thought in details and design. You can at the neckline or cuffs.

Add to lace design

, Also highlight the lace design on the chest, which will highlight the strong court style.

The lower body with tight jeans, adding handsome and handsome. But it cannot be paired with wide -leg pants, which will give people a wide sense of vision as wide. It will look fat and strong.

The lower body is more suitable for tight combinations,

Such as tight jeans. Hip pants are not suitable, and it is easy to have a sense of “head heavy and light”.

Lotus leaf sleeve shirt with+wide -leg pants

This summer, the very popular lotus leaf shirt with wide -leg pants, is thin and long and fashionable. The upper body shirt is designed with lotus leaf sleeves,

Layer stack in the cuffs

, Very sweet and cute.

The irregular design with ruffled edges is very layered. With a pair of light gray green wide -leg pants, it is high and thin, and the legs are long,

The cool temperament of summer is steadily grasped

Essence At the design of the neckline, the fungus neckline can also be used. While sweet and cute, it will not fall off.




With thick high heels and commute bags,

The workplace can also enter and exit at will. If you want to be casual, you can choose a plaid on your pants, with small white shoes. Jiufen pants length with grid pattern. Very relaxed and casual.

Japanese shirt matching rule

Pay attention to the version and fabric of the shirt

Although the shirt is one of the most versatile classic items, the version and style are ever -changing. Very slim shirt, although it will

The overall looks upright and energetic

, But it will give the body a sense of tightness and restraint.

Even in the workplace’s slim design, it will look too rigid. When choosing a layout, select a slightly loose one,

It will give the overall a sense of arbitrary and fashionable


Essence The overall temperament will also rise.

Color matching

In the Japanese match, the use of color is very simple and clean.

There is no color with particularly high saturation

There will be no red and purple, or dazzling colors.

Generally, light -colored systems,

Or Morandi color system

Essence And Japanese matching in color selection, pursuing a sense of tenderness and sweetness.

Among them, pale pink is also the favorite in Japanese matching, which is different from red and other pink pinks.

Even more visual sensory comfortable

When adding the gray tone to the daily color system, it is the Morandi color that often referred to. This color system treats the yellowish eyebrows, which are very friendly.

It will also make the temperament more gentle and delicate.

Use elements such as lace, bubble sleeves, bow knot and other elements

In the design of the shirt, the style of the shirt is too much.

In order to add the overall lady style

And cute and sweet style. Some elements such as bubble sleeves, or bows are also used. These cute elements can not only increase temperament, but also cover the shortcomings of the overall.


Bubble sleeves can modify the flesh of the arm,

However, you must also master the width. You cannot exceed the width of the clothes or too tall, or there is a strong sense of vision.

Regarding the matching of colors and styles, no matter what design is, the simpler and higher the level. Using the principle of “deleting complexity”, the overall color should not exceed three. If you feel

Too single can be matched with jewelry and accessories

Dress up. Make simple and high -end shirts instantly become exquisite. Match it quickly!