Speaking of Guan Xiaotong, as a relatively well -known artist now, although there are many voices on her fame, it is not all a bad thing for her. At the same time, there are many recognition sounds, and in terms of resources It is also increasingly excellent. This time I went to Cannes. In addition to the red carpet that made thousands of people envious, they were also interviewed there.


Speaking of such a solemn scene, the little girl was not frightened at all. She calmly did not lose that kind of lively feeling, but after all, it was out of stock. Well, the venue is the same as the scene, and the surroundings are already prepared. This time, it is relatively simple. It is outdoors, and except for two stools, only two glasses of water on one box.

When the stool is also a temporary filming scene, the kind of folding bamboo chair that the staff will sit is not very supportive, because there is a soft skin in the middle, which is difficult for the interview artist to maintain certainly. The temperament, but Guan Xiaotong is very grateful. When sitting there, the waistboard was straight and not uncomfortable, but because the stool was too low, she couldn’t close her legs, so she had a cross crossing her feet. Let’s put it, although this is the case, the legs will not be thick, because the feet are not strong and the legs are also available, so the overall lines are beautiful, but if you put it in this way, it is still a bit not good. After all, it is usually at home. The feet are crossed, but this is not easy.


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