Recently, it is the rhythm of new products in autumn and winter. The beautiful bags who have seen the autumn and winter shows have basically been able to see it early




It’s! ▼

This season, CHANEL’s “Little Golden Globe” and “Gold Coins” have returned. Presumably it will be a style that many “grandma fans” are scrambled to start! But I feel


This season’s explosion king has another bag

, Let’s talk about it below ▼

What is Prada?

Magnify several times

, Made into a bert bag, wearing a coat in winter, the bag is absolutely cool and beautiful ▼

The other I am looking forward to is the shoulder bag of YSL. It seems that it hasn’t been on the shelves yet! Although it seems a bit

God looks like CHANEL

, But people who like retro style bags should still love ▼

If you feel it, you can choose to choose three bags? As everyone knows, the “contestants” today are all

S -class is exciting

Not much to say, hurry up and go to find out! ▼


I have a talk at the beginning! This season’s CHANEL, even the once popular “Golden Globes” and “Gold Coins” may not be able to be shortlisted for the “Finals” (although it is a personal subjective view), because the competition is indeed a bit fierce ▼

And the big explosion I am talking about is this

Classic Flap of the postman packaging


Although Ms. Virginie Viard’s release will be criticized by many people every season, this bag is indeed a perfect combination of elegance and handsome ▼ ▼

Retro fold calf leather, with the old -fashioned but still golden metal accessories, no matter how many eyes look at, it will fall. ▼

There is also a softener of the oblique pattern+the stitching model of the retro calfskin, which will be more elegant, but it should still be not as good as the full leather. ▼

Girls who like small bags may wish to take a look at the mini model of this white calfskin, which is also full of retro, with a little girly feel ▼


This is the other thing I am very excited this season

Hippie bag

Intersection Compared with Chanel’s CF, in fact, this temperament will be cooler, and somewhat medium -old temperament will feel pretty

Look at


The details of the details are absolutely not said, and the upper body will be very textured ▼

After a few cool one, let’s take a look at these models

Pearl element

What a ~ basically on the basis of the classic bag, the details of the pearl handle are added.


It’s a lot of exquisite instantly


In addition to the handle, there are also lower -key and exquisite ones ~ This is the only one in

The buckle is combined with pearl inlaid and skin penetration chain elements

CF, look at it and look at it ▼ ▼

Every season, there will be corresponding other material bags ~ This season I personally recommend this one personally


Mixed fiber shopping bag

Essence It is better than the plush bag, and there will be that kind of back to the back


Careless fashion sense



In fact, Celine is quite entangled to write. Because it was released from the autumn and winter of 2021 half a year ago, this chain triomphe almost


It has always been a state of screening


, I feel that I do n’t write, you can remember one or two haha ​​▼


In addition to the first explosion of the absolute first horse, in fact, everyone can also try to move their attention to other bags of Celine this season, which is quite durable.

For example, this Tabou Strap Clutch, a smooth package type, coupled with the iconic Celine lock, daily matching is completely wrong ▼


The other one is quite dazzling is Teckel ~ The stiff bag type is very architectural beauty. You can use your hands or backs with your back.


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This season is quite interesting, called Patapans Pliage. It feels like there is a throwing image with the TRAPEZE BAG of Old Celine, all of which are sharp on both sides. Of course

The slight difference is two styles


Lala ▼

This autumn and winter Celine, this Hobo Leandre also fits my eyes. There is no complicated design, it is a dazzling one after watching a bunch of small bags ▼


Although the 16 “reputation” is much smaller than the bags of the TriomPhe series. But in my heart, this bag is really true

The back is very temperamental and very atmospheric


A one ▼


The “cousin” has also been memorized before ~ ​​with simple T -shirts and jeans, it is very expensive, although it is also related to Liu Wen’s temperament haha ​​▼

Autumn and winter this year! 16 Out of a new color-

Dark oak color

Essence It feels a little deeper than the caramel color, which is suitable for cold winter back ▼


After several seasons of FENDI, this season may be “turned” to provoke! Brand new bag


Fendi fIRST

Super recognition ▼

The “cloud bag” bag, plus the ingenuity of the F logo, is elegant and chic. And I think the name Fendi First is also very delicious. Fendi replaces lady.


I think there are some female stars and bloggers who have demonstrated them. Korean actress Kim Yin’s release on the social homepage, although the bag hiding behind her, is difficult to attract her eyes ▼

Most of the bloggers are selected



Usage ~ with a full -scale wear, it looks expensive ▼

I still feel like everyday


Shoulder back more practical


And this back method is not lost, but the style is not the same ▼

Qiao Xin chose her shoulder back when she was wearing a shirt+skirt. She seemed to be tall.

In addition, I also brushed the PLMM cross -body back in Xiaohongshu, casual and fashionable, and there is a kind of grass ▼


Louis vuitton


After reading the Lady style, let’s see a cool one ~

Louis Vuitton is very characteristic this autumn and winter women’s bags this year. It is a hand -painted cooperation with the Italian living style brand Fornasetti. But in comparison, I personally think that the male bag is

At the same time, it is easy to match everyday

For example, this white -green color color

Litter Bag

With the classic Monogram canvas with a new Louis Vuitton font, it is a good look at ▼

Special styling matching practical bags, I believe that many cool girls who like street style cannot resist ▼

If you like the special bag type, you may wish to see this cute and love

Coffee cup


Intersection Retro Monogram coating canvas, chic coffee cup shape, it is really a beloved gadget ▼

The other color is eye -catching, the recently popular vertical TOTE bag type, the scientific name is



Essence This is just a mini style, deep blue plus eye -catching white, well -matched daily ▼


The lemon yellow on the show on the show



Everyone still has a impression ~ In fact, it has an XS number ▼

It is such a tender color plus a small coat type,

It’s really suitable for girls to carry back ~

Xiao Hongshu really had a poisonous beautiful girl to send the upper body picture. ▼

▲ Xiaohongshu:@小 松 松

If you don’t like too high -profile, please see this renewable wool and organic cotton

Environmentally friendly felt

~ ▼

The gray background blends a variety of gentle pink tones, plus the white flowers with white flowers, so retro feeling ~ and the side of the bag also has a white blue background


“Identity logo”

, Low -key but hidden mind haha ​​▼


But to talk about low -key, this old bag brand that has been bursting and bursting recently may be

Can’t be low -key anymore!

That’s right, Mulberry has a trend of redness this fall and winter, mainly due to the follow

Miss Zhong


This series launched in cooperation is very retro and modern ▼


There are three bags in this series: Big Guy, Alexa, Little Guy.

Japanese model Gongjie and Korean actress Tiffany both carried back


Big Guy

~ Simple flip bag type with upper handle and large gold chain



With the simple big woman style and sweet campus girl style, they do not violate and ▼

There is also a brown suede version ~ plus black leather roller edges, compared to pure black patent leather, this color matching will be more old ▼

Alexa has large and small. The unique texture of the bright patent leather is matched with a little bit of a large size,

Very highlighting Alexa’s cool

; If you are a trumpet, you will spend more specially ▼

There is another one in this series

Little Guy

Very eye -catching! The bag type of the charter bag, but the flat and thin ones,

Particularly neat


As a chain of the vintage route, the color -based color matching model of velvet is carried up.

Don’t be too embarrassed!

Every time I write a bag, I write myself crazy. Haha ~ I do n’t know if you have been planted after reading this article?

I am very curious about which one of your favorite favorite

Tell me in the message area! ▼