The beauty is very heavy, but it is also very light. Why? Li Yuchun said that she weighed more than 30 pounds in the 2019 set of clothes in Cannes. The female stars are wearing a Chinese suit, but most of them are on their feet, and the long -legged “two lines” sandals appear on their feet!

In this way, the “two lines” sandals are not only Yang Mi’s heart, but also the first choice for many actresses. After all, who wears and beauty. In addition, Roman puffed cake shoes, sports sandals, and Mueller’s shoes are not far behind. They are happy for the masters of the Bo. Captain Captain Captain carefully selected 50 pairs of the most torch sandals this summer. Do you want Pick?


Part.1 Ancient Spirit and Strange Girl Heart

The lovely and love sandals can be seen everywhere, fruits and animals, clouds, and stars are elements that are never separated. Put on your feet, reduce age, lively, and playful.

Katy Perry fruit sandals

Fruit Sister’s own brand of fruit sandals, cute to explosion! There are cherry cherries, yellow peaches, watermelons, grapes, lemon and strawberries, and big red lips ~ The return rate is super high, you can match the same color nails and skirts ~


It is also very fresh with jeans, you can buy the official website ~

Luo Yiwei Bowcovertee


The straw sandals and the simplified bow are completely played on the basis of vacation style. There are three colors, brown, white and black.


Charles & Keith bow shoe

The little CK family never disappointed, and the pink tender girl said that there is. Twisted decoration is more simple and generous.

SuperComma Bonnie lotus leaf sandals


Uncommon green sandals, pale yellow trims are exquisite thoughts like girls, and the ruffled edge itself maintains playful and cute. It is summer with jeans and solid skirts at will ~


Handmade hair ball grass -edited sandals


A Bangkok’s local handmade DIY sandals shop, which is very suitable for girlfriends as a gift, you can wear different colored hair ball sandals to go out on the street ~ The bottom of the weaving is also cool and comfortable ~


Ipanema Starry Sky Roman Shoes

The designer draws inspiration from Van Gogh’s “Star Moon Night”. The color is strong but the design is simple. The pattern on the shoes is like the nebula of the night, super romantic ~

Melissa Melissa Jelly Shoes


A loving lamb or a kitten on the head, I stare at this pattern to imagine a lot of cute and lovely small animals ~ It is very elegant to go on the foot, and it is also comfortable to walk in flat bottom.




Little woman


As long as you make articles on ankle and instep, you will never escape the style of thin band, entangled band, pattern, etc., and the sexy girls start here.

ZARA fine band sandals


Love is miserable this year’s ZARA sandals, thin band and trapezoidal heels, simple and atmospheric.

Mango fine band sandals

It is very good to match the color of the clothes, very spring and summer, just a little high.

Other Stories with sandals

I really like a square toe. The heel is about 3cm high. It is very suitable for commuting and comfortable walking. Black is even more versatile, but orange is really feeling in summer soda ~

Bright yellow is also very easy to wear.

Red thick heels plus laser reflective belt, this match is super cool!


Arket cross bandsplin sandals

Cross -strap is more feminine, and it can neutralize the wide visual effect of the instep, and the ankle is slender!


Red is really too stylish ~

RENE CAOVILLA ankle tie strap shoes

Wearing shoes, hooking the heart. Just the right exposure of the fingers, outline the slender ankle, and the long strap stretches the perspective effect of the legs ~

Charles & Keith Rose Belt Belt Shoes

Miss, can you ask you to dance together and let your roses bloom in the ankle ~


ZARA cross -binding Roman shoes

Roman shoes are not so easy to wear, and if you don’t pay attention, you seem to be fat ~

Bot woven Roman shoes is more friendly and more comfortable than people with leg tied Roman shoes.

Greymer PVC with sandals with sandals

The PVC material is a super popular element ~ pink satin and black shoelaces, it looks fairy and delicate ~


Thick heel PVC sandals, with any skirt like a little princess put on crystal shoes ~

ZARA PVC high -heeled sandals


The benefit of transparent material is to lengthen the legs of the legs. A little high heels look long!


Fairy and Princess

Flowers, gems, rhinestones, and pearls are the initial composition of all princess dreams.

Rene Caovilla flower strap shoes


RC’s shoes belong to the kind of shoes you want to buy when you see it, as if you know all your girl’s heart, and the details are very delicate and will not look cheap ~

Rene Caovilla gemstone strap shoes

The elegance of the ribbon and the luxury of the gemstone, the face value is bursting! Buy it!

Gianvito rossi rhinestone tie shoes


The thin ankle is wrapped in a circle of rhinestones, BlingBling fried chicken flash ~ The simple word is the ultimate femininity ~ The flat bottom jumpy is not afraid!

Miu miu crystal strap shoes


Crystal shoes.


BY FAR Starry Sky Shoes

The haze blue upper is embedded in large sequins, the scrub texture is low -key and stylish.

Stuart weitzman pearl sandals


Elegant with a little bit of free and easy, Tiffany blue is cool ~


Rene Caovilla Pearl Sandals


Fresh and gorgeous, silver is super good with clothes ~

PART.4 Vitality Girl is you

Sports sandals look unswerving, in fact, they are particularly high, white, and beautiful ~

Reebok Step Sports sandals

The triple contrast is harmonious, wearing wide -leg pants, jeans with simple T -shirts and shirts ~

Puma Platform Slide

Thick -bottom silk bow and puffin cake sandals

Three elements of girls: satin, pink, biscuits thick bottom.

PUMA Puma Sports sandals


This shoe can be worn in both. After removing it, it is a slippers, and it is a sandals.


FILA Photo Sports sandals

Fila’s logo will not feel too fancy, it is very comfortable to try on, and the number is very positive. The thick bottom is about 4cm.

Sikecci embroidery sports sandals


It is rare to have sports sandals to show a trace of elegant.

New Balance laser sports sandals

Friendship with fat feet!

Uniqlo U series sandals


It is very white, only 199, buy it comfortably and versatile!

Chanel woven sports sandals

Grandma’s sports sandals can be regarded as the most delicate in sports sandals. The leisure wind comes up ~ It is said that white is particularly difficult to buy ~


Gucci Velcro Sports sandals

Sandal sandals, white, high, comfortable ~

Marni leather sports sandals

A pair of sandals with a large wind, the leather is cool, not losing money!


Elegant and soft big woman

When the retro encounter is minimalist, no woman will not love Mueller shoes.

Urban Revivo satin Mueller shoes


The wrapped satin looks very beautiful, elegant and comfortable ~ (You can be necessary for a lazy person who can kick a Jio!)

BY FAR thin heel Mueller shoes


The green mad demon can’t move when you see the green, the retro and elegant square character is thin! The collision rate of green cats and Mueller shoes is extremely low!


Rejina Pyo bow Mueller shoes (left)


BY FAR contrasting color band Mueller shoes (right)

Two Mueller shoes were directly put into the two Mueller shoes, so wearing it without grinding.

Mercedes Castillo lace Mueller shoes

There is no high -heeled trouble at all. The favorite of the slippers party is simply a good -looking slippers! Meizi ~


Urban Revivo thin band Mueller shoes


White Mueller shoes, it’s not wrong to match ~

PEDRO pinch Mueller shoes


The sculpture feels the bottom sandals, and the wide word belt wraps the insteps obliquely, which looks beautiful and modern ~ Good -looking!

After watching so many summer sandals, the captain couldn’t wait to wait for get off work! Because you can buy good shoes according to the picture, you can buy good -looking shoes, you can buy good -looking skirts, buy good -looking skirts, you can go to date! 520 happy ~

(The above pictures come from the little sweet potato)


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