PETG raw materials are modified by pta (PTA), ethylene glycol (Eg), and 1,4-cycloral methal alcohol (CHDM), inter-phenyl acid (IPA), neoamiol (NPG) and other modifications. A transparent non -coordinated crystal polyester obtained by the single concentration. PETG raw materials are highly transparent and excellent impact performance, especially suitable for molding thick wall transparent products. PETG thermal contraction membrane is a high -performance contraction film made of PETG raw materials. It has a final contraction rate of greater than 75%. The shrinking label of equalization can change the disadvantage of the traditional packaging membrane opaque or poor packaging effect, and also has the advantages of environmental protection.

PETG thermal contraction membrane has the limit high contraction rate. It is the highest contraction rate in all contraction membranes, and its application range is also much better than the contraction membrane of other materials. The contracted label made has the best contraction effect that can be compared with any commercial contraction film, which can closely fit the high degree of contour. Based on the advantages of PETG thermal shrinking film, the advantages of high cost performance, easy recovery, high gloss, and the final contraction rate of PETG membrane greater than 75%, in line with the current diversified demand of the bottle body in the packaging market. PETG’s heating film replacement effect on other materials is becoming increasingly obvious, and demand has continued to increase.

According to the Xinshi Industry Research Center

“Research Report on the Monitoring and Future Development Prospects of China’s PETG thermal shrinking film industry in 2021-2025”

In 2020, the demand for PETG thermal contraction film in China was 152,800 tons.

PETG热收缩膜市场前景广阔 国内市场竞争加剧

At this stage, key enterprises in the domestic PETG hot film industry are mainly Henan Yinjinda New Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Double Star Plastic New Material Co., Ltd., Shandong Shenghe Plastic Development Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huaxin New Materials Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Jinghong New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises occupied. These companies have grown rapidly in recent years and have strong technical strength. They have reflected competitive advantages in market development and customer services. They have developed rapidly in the PETG hot film market.

However, in recent years, it has been attracted by market prospects. Some small and medium -sized enterprises have also appeared in the PETG thermal shrinking film industry. To a certain extent, the market concentration of the PETG thermal reduction film industry has been reduced, which has exacerbated industry competition.

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PETG热收缩膜市场前景广阔 国内市场竞争加剧

According to members, based on the advantages of PETG thermal shrinking film easy recycling, high cost performance, high gloss, and high -heat contraction rates of PETG film meet the current diversified needs of the bottle body in the packaging market, there is no need to separate labels in the rear recycling process. PETG has other other labels. The substitution effect of the heat -shrinking film of the material is becoming increasingly obvious.

PETG热收缩膜市场前景广阔 国内市场竞争加剧

At present, PETG shrinking film in developed countries has become the most ideal alternative material to replace PVC shrinking film. With the strong growth of my country’s economy, the consumption upgrades and innovation development of new technologies in the packaging field will maintain rapid, stable and sustainable growth in the PETG thermal shrinking film industry. On the whole, the prospects of PETG thermal shrinking film industry in the future are relatively broad.

PETG thermal retractable market prospects have broader domestic market competition