By I don’t like to eat goose


2 vegetarian chickens


2 pieces of ginger

1 spoon of sugar

3 spoons of old soy sauce

Fragrant powder half a spoon

1 shallot

Practice step


1. Slip of vegetarian chicken.

2. Fry the pan until golden on both sides.


3. Prepare a bowl of ice water in advance, soak the fried vegetarian chicken in the water, soak at least two or three hours.

4. This is soaked, with small holes on the surface and easy to taste.

5, a little oil in the pot, onion ginger, and bean paste fried red oil.


6. Add water in the pot without plain chicken. Add a spoonful of spiced sprout powder, a little sugar to lift fresh, a small spoonful of salt, a small amount of old pumps, and turn it on the high heat. Need to complete it, leave a little soup.




1. You must fry the chicken first, and then soak out the texture to make it more flavorful.


The nutritional effect of vegetarian chicken

Prevention of osteoporosis, promoting bone development and anti -vasolic hardening, anti -cardiovascular disease, and heart protection

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