March 17 China Dongguan

Recently, the space memory cotton products with “zero pressure” function are popular, and the leading latex, spring mattress repair renderings are the new favorite in the home industry. On March 17th, the Native Home Brand Mlily Dream Lily of the United States announced strong return and led the domestic “zero-pressure life” fashion trend.

Space memory originated from the 1962 US Space Agency (NASA), originally used for astronaut seat, enabling huge pressure generated by rapid rise or drop, and improving the protection and comfort of the seat on astronauts. Memory material mattress, compared to latex, spring can more fit the human body curve, relieve human pressure, protect spinal health. In addition, its open cell structure can effectively inhibit bacteria and mites to breed, long-term use is still healthy and safe.

The world’s important space memory production base – Jiangsu Hengkang, 11 years of accumulation of nearly 10 million mattresses in 73 countries and regions around the world, nearly 70 million pillows and other memory-related products. Mlily Dream Lily is the core brand of Hengkang. After landing in the United States in 2011, it has conquered many American families with its excellent, exquisite quality, and the ultimate cost performance. It quickly set off a “zero-pressure life” boom, and the sales growth growth in three consecutive years exceeded 100%, becoming the US market in recent years to sell the fastest mattress brand.

Today, “China’s international brand” mlily dream lily determines the brand return, with the ultimate price-effective product to give back to the country, lead the domestic “zero-pressure life” trend. “Mlily Dream Lily is always the brand of China, we know this.” Mlily Dream Lily Chairman Ni Zhanggen said, “” “Change the people’s sleep hard bed habits to improve the people’s sleep quality” is our brand mission. “

For a long time, the Chinese people have generally love to sleep hard, but scientific confirming too hard mattress will have anti-action against the human body, oppress the spine and cervical vertebra, causing poor blood circulation and constantly turning over, affecting the quality of sleep. Shanghai Shuguang Hospital related orthopedics said that mlily dream lily memory mattress is in line with the principle of human body, that is, catering to the human curve requirements, designed for seven parts of the head, shoulders, back, waist, hip, thighs, and calves. To provide balance, stable, uniform support for the human body, and resolve human stress into zero.

According to global certified US pressure tester maps, Mlily Dream Lily Memory Mattress is more absorbing human pressure, and there is a lot of blue in the map, and there are many red oranges in ordinary mattress, indicating that the greater the pressure on human body. Using mlily dream lily memory cotton pad can effectively reduce the number of people from 70 times to 20 times, extend deep sleep time, and improve sleep quality. In addition, mlily dream lily, the first non-temperature memory technology, solves the temperature of the mattress to heat, the temperature is low, so that the memory mattress is soft and comfortable for the four seasons in the year, allowing people to enjoy ‘zero Pressure ‘sleep. “

Mlily Dream Lily This strong return, launches a super-cost-effective product, so that “zero-pressure life” has become a fashion that mass consumption. “I slept before, I had a back pain, and after using mlily dream lily, I didn’t just woke up, but I didn’t want to wake up at night, as long as 700 yuan, other brands at least double the price.” A consumer Say.

Mlily梦百合太空记忆绵来袭 引领“零压生活”

In this regard, Ni Zhanggen believes that China’s current price is very virtual, the entire consumption industry is very deformed, and they have to do is a temporary return product. “Some brands speculation is the extremely disrespectful of consumer IQ. Our business philosophy is the high quality life of ‘bought, with a very reasonable price, providing high quality products to consumers.” Ni Zhanggen said, “Now we have done, let the product return quality itself, not the price.”

In addition, Mlily Dream Lily also launched the “Zero-Pressure Life Museum” concept for the Chinese, extending the memory of the memory, so that “zero pressure” truly infiltrated into consumer life. At present, memory cotton products include thick mats, thin mats, pillows, sofa decoration renderings, soft beds and small parts of small products, domestic home, department store, hotel decoration renderings, e-commerce, etc. Sales channel, nearly 100 direct franchise stores. “In 2015, we have to expand this number to 500, we are very confident.” Ni Zhanggen said.

In 2013, mlily Dream Lily became the supplier of China’s national play, “chess such as life, simple.” Ni Zhanggen said, “our brand concept and Go have the same way, return to sleep essentially – comfortable, seem simple It is not easy, but this is our mission. “

And experts said that in recent years, with the continuous growth of domestic white-collar pressure and the surge in insomnia, Mlily Dream Life, the “zero-pressure life” fashion trend will become more hot.