In the summer, we have passed into the end, we pass a simple T-shirt + shorts in this summer, and through the elegant long skirt, the taste of the sunshine spent the summer. But Xiaobian thinks this summer is the most beautiful or Bohemian wind. The Bohemian long skirt has a temperament of the fairy, and can wear the summer casual feelings. White dew has, we will also put away the elegant long skirt. Today, I will take this summer the most beautiful long skirt. !

Bohemian dress fashion street shoot!

The black Bohemian dress, the design of the nation, and the elegant texture is only a feeling of summer. Such a long skirt is still unreasonable!

Slightly transparent brown sling long skirts, elegant sexy and elegance is such a cool summer cool. Match the tassel bag with color this!

A black printed dress, may appear monotonous, a white little vest, the neutralization of the contrast, let the whole are not monotonous, hanging brown mobile phone bags in the chest, a bit playful taste, but very fashionable.

这个夏天 原来最美的是波西米亚风略带透明褐色的吊带长裙,飘逸的性感与优雅就是这么的时髦很有夏天的清凉。搭配同颜色的流苏包这样更搭哦!

A loose and light Bohemian printed dress, so that the seaside vacation, the elegant Bohemian Snow is not only comfortable and beautifully sexy romantic.

这个夏天 原来最美的是波西米亚风一件宽松轻盈的波西米亚印花长裙,这样才很有海边度假的范儿,飘逸的波西米亚长裙不仅舒适又具唯美的性感浪漫。

Sexy perspective long skirt, with a Bohemian style, such as elegant and refreshing!

Dreams and classical combinations, there is a printed skirt with Indian civilization, not only fashionable and elegant.

这个夏天 原来最美的是波西米亚风

Striped Bohemian dress, wide edge of the sun, and sunglasses, then match a noble skin bag, more expensive.

这个夏天 原来最美的是波西米亚风吊带的波西米亚长裙不仅性感,更展露出个性与热情。

The romantic artistic sentiment in the Bohemian-style long skirt, and the personality of Dennin is also more sufficient.

这个夏天 原来最美的是波西米亚风飘逸的波西米亚长裙,这样的装扮更具都市的时尚感。

The Bohemian Snow Snow in the sling is not only sexy, but also exposes personality and enthusiasm.

这个夏天 原来最美的是波西米亚风

Structure obvious Bohemian dress, national characteristics of printing more style. The exaggerated pleated decorative structure is more showing.

这个夏天 原来最美的是波西米亚风结构明显的波西米亚长裙,民族特色的印花更具风情。夸张的打褶装饰结构更显身材。

The elegant Bohemian dress, this dress is more fashionable.

这个夏天 原来最美的是波西米亚风性感的透视长裙,搭配一件波西米亚风格的长外套,这样既飘逸又清爽!

Summer is coming to autumn, the summer is in this hurry! The most beautiful floating long skirt will always be tired, the simplest shorts T-shirt never feel the trend, the streets of personalities, etc., summer fashion dress is not So easy to finish! Today I bid farewell to this sun in the summer! I will recommend the trend in the early autumn!