Now the urban crowd is in the fast-paced work, and the time is a long body, especially the cervical vertebrae. After a day, it seems to lose the power. At this time, if someone can give us the cervical vertebrae, it may be much comfortable.

Now we can use the cervical massage instrument to alleviate the fatigue of our neck. During the double festival, SKG’s G7PRO neck massage unit is conducting promotion. For the worker, we can wear it in the office to make a neck massage.

The weight of the SKG cervical massage g7PRO is only 170g, very light, calculated that the door is completely free in the bag, and you can enjoy the massage anytime, anywhere.

G7PRO is SKG’s first massage and pulse massage apparatus, which has added physical push and double pulse technology, which feels more comfortable. And these functions can be used separately, feel different massage methods, which is equivalent to buying two things, very value.

坐在办公室也能马杀鸡 我推荐的这款颈部按摩仪

SKG cervical massage gauge G7PRO also 9D 人 推 揉 揉 揉 揉 头 按 按 按 按 按 按 按 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 手 手 给 给 手 穴 手 手 给 给 给 给 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 到 穴 穴Neck massage is more comfortable.

坐在办公室也能马杀鸡 我推荐的这款颈部按摩仪

There are also nine separate heating films in the body, covering the coverage area, allowing your cervical vertebrae to heat up after opening. It has a low medium and high gear to adjust the heat, select the gear position that suits you.

SKG also specializes in developing an app with a Massager, and the app can control the functions of the massager, check the power, etc. It is not convenient to save it in the body, and it is also more intelligent.

坐在办公室也能马杀鸡 我推荐的这款颈部按摩仪


: SKG cervical massage gauge G7PRO is a very good portable massage apparatus, which is small, weighing is also very light, easy to carry. At the same time, the massage hand feels great, massage is like a human hand massage, comfortable. On the occasion of the holiday, it is very suitable for gifts. It uses it to slow down the pressure to relax, don’t let yourself be tight!