Autumn and winter chooses your pants version, it is a very important thing, the pants version is paid, and the trendy feeling in autumn and winter can shape it. Especially in winter, we are wearing down jackets, coats,

If there is no featured pants, it is also difficult to wear the down jacket and the big clothes, so this autumn is better to see the popular straight pants + boots, this straight pants can choose some warm style, even if it is now coming, It will not feel very cold.

So, how can we divert the straight pants + boots in this autumn and winter? According to the following two steps


Step 1: Selection skills of straight pants


The straight pants is not very picking up, many people can wear, and the straight pants version is perfect, straight pants, unclear version can modify your leg shape,

Whether it is a curved leg or a thick leg, the false knives and other problems can be repaired by straight pants, so the picking of straight pants only needs to pay attention to some details.


Skills 1. Match coats to choose narrow nine-point straight pants

In the autumn and winter season, pay attention to the proportion of wearing, many times our match should not be straight, such as coat + wide-leg pants, is a very plate of straight wear, so though it is elegant, but need big The skeleton is supported, not anyone can wear.

So we wear a big jacket, or honest with a small foot of the straight pants, so that the width is narrow, such a match is a slim, especially nine pants, the open pants is very thin.


Tips 2: White wool straight pants warm soft water

If the autumn and winter want to wear gentleness, the temperament becomes gentle, then choose a white wool straight pants. Such trousers are very wild, no matter whether it is down jacket or coat, you can match.

Moreover, it breaks the autumn and winter dull feelings, not like those black, gray brown pants, white trousers are very eye-catching in winter. In addition, white trousers can choose thick plus velvet, so textures will be better.

Tips 3: Rambpeaker straight pants more fantasino


The flared straight pants are also a kind of straight pants.

Its trouser design is a horn-shaped, so the trousers are suitable for those who are thick, and the calves are thick. I will make the leg lines don’t look good. So we can change it into a horn-shaped trousers. Such trousers more modified the calf, and the trend is very strong.

, We will not look back in autumn and winter. The horn-shaped trousers can be mixed with suit, the overall official feel is very strong, suitable for workplace.

Step 2: Steel pants + boots overall with Amway

LOOK1: White Straight Pants + Booties + Suits + Scarves

Autumn and winter match, it is very particular,

If you don’t want a down jacket to hold your own words, you want to wear a light elegant, then you can try to match some accessories, such as silk scarves, autumn and winter, in the autumn and winter, or the shirt, you can put the silk. The towel is on the neck, such an accessory increases is very convenient, and it is very delicate.

Autumn and winter chooses white straight pants are also very fresh and natural, 40 + women will put them very different.

LOOK2: Motorcycle Jacket + Broken Cave Straight Pants + Booties

In autumn and winter, you have to change your style, then try the motorcycle wind, this wearing is very personal. The locomotive style determines the rough direction when choosing.

If your matching is not, you can try a full set of locomotive wind. If there is no full set, then black straight pants are also a good choice, so you must choose a pair of handsome boots, so you can wear handsome, The overall style is very handsome.


LOOK3: Double-breasted coat + dark red Tott package + straight pants + high heels boots

This is very clean, first is the choice of basic paragraphs. It is a very simple style, but it is not a style of rotten street, the double-breasted coat is very classic, but it will not be outdated.

Moreover, the design of the double-breasted coat gives people a sense of aristocrats, plus texture is the kind of advanced. With dark red bags, the overall matching looks like a unified dark tone, the bag is full, narrow straight pants make the whole wear a narrow width, the proportion is very good.


LOOK4: Gray Touch + Brown Coat + Direct Pants + Shooties


Autumn and winter is still a season that is very suitable for gradient, the gradual matching ideas is actually very simple, that is, choose some saturation and brightness of the same color, so it is a fashionable gradient,


It is best to be topped above, dark below, so there will be no feeling of lightweight, and the proportion will look good. Such a gradient mix is ​​very easy to learn.


LOOK5: Short down jacket + black straight pants + Martin boots

Autumn and winter must not have a pair of Martin boots, Martin boots + nine points of straight pants are also handsome and wild, such a kind of dressing, no matter what kind of jacket is suitable,

And as a down jacket dominated by autumn and winter, you can also try to choose the style of the waist, which is more light, get rid of the bloated feel.

Ok, today’s dressing of the autumn and winter season, I said it. After reading the match you like, I will imitate it.