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I don’t know how many oilfields are the same as me. After the summer, they are thinking before the skin care – this thing is not good!

Oilfield knows, don’t be more refreshed when you go out, as long as you stand in the sun for a while,


The forehead, the cheeks and the nose will start crazy flesh.

Just look close to the background, there is a sister to seek some

Suitable for oilfield or who is more suitable for summer skin care products.

So I pulled my shopping cart and purchased records, and made a detailed refreshing toner of summer.

Not much to say, let’s see who these 16 players are!


Fab this water, I started to buy a bill, used to pick up the sakura slightly, I didn’t expect it, I fell in love with it!

Mrs. also moisturized!

There is no excessive fragrance, the toner itself is milky white, and the first reaction is good after face.

The absorption speed is very fast, and you can absorb more on your hand.

The Fab itself is the mainstall of the sensitive muscle, so it is quite gentle if the skin is sensitive to hydrating, this is really good!

I found that Estee Lauder has N good products,

The flagship store and counter are not listed

For example, the fruit-acid mask recommended before, and this big blue water.


I used to have a big powder, but I was not very suitable for me, such as this summer oil.

Blue water is completely prepared for us this oil field, I usually as a second cleaning water

Wipe with cotton pad, in summer, I feel ice, cold, especially refreshing, oil control effect is also OK! In addition to the fragrance and bottle design, there is no shortcomings.

Clinique this blue water does not understand how it will be so cold! I recommended it once when I wrote the empty bottle last year, one

Suitable for mixed oil and oil in winter, dry skin and mixed skin summer

Milting player!


Remember there in the ingredient

Yeast extract

, Can promote metabolism of skin, make pores more delicate,

It is even more

It can quickly supplement the skin moisture. It is more like a mixture of toner and gel, and it can be absorbed quickly by the skin, super durable!

Nowadays, domestic skin care is getting more and more powerful. The brand of BM muscles is also very windy. This brown rice essence is also an absolute star product.

The main thing is

Huaxi’s own patented hyaluronic acid and two cracked yeast

At the time, I saw this grain on the skin of the outside oil, and I don’t say anything else.

Effect of polished skin

Really, and the texture is also the kind of water and refreshing, the dry skin oil can, I use half a bottle, I feel that it can not only control oil, but the first aid effect of the skin can also be complete.

Do not lose some 3.400 toner

I can take advantage of activities!

Recently, people boast toner! ! The friends of the mixed skin must try it, take it as a second cleaning water, because

Compound essence in ingredients


I personally use it as a gentle squeezed water.

After I used it for about 4 or 5 days, I can feel it after I wash my face at night.

The skin feels delicate, the naked eye feels that his skin seems to be clearer.

Excessive face

Oil and blackheads

Diluted a lot! And the absorption of subsequent skin care is also great!

This mixed oil will really be extra love! More absorbed than ordinary essence, I used this time when I went to Changsha last summer, so I didn’t bear it with it.


Lightweight texture is especially suitable for summer


And it


Prestige face flourish and acne

It is quite effective. For a few days, due to skin allergies, it uses it and cream to streamline your skin care step.

The overall skin of the flourish and allergic symptoms are light


It is very suitable for the sensitive muscle to repair the muscle in the event of an allergic reaction.

The essence of salicylic acids and muscles don’t have to say more! I wrote in 17 years. It is still nothing to do with a red piece, I am very suitable for sisters who have just started brush.

Even if I am sensitive,

I will not be resistant after using it.

And the customer service is also more intimate, when buying, you will be the frequency of usage,

This is more suitable for new hands

For the city wall, the effect is too slight!


I have a touch of toner who wants to buy! (Exposed age), the year is more fire than the golden flower water, and the well-deserved net red single product.

I personally feel this

More suitable for me than the calendula

Especially use to wet application, for me, this summer crazy, the skin,

It can effectively control the oil, after using it, the face is clear and refreshing

, Oil light disappears, it is very suitable for our oil field in summer!

Also once

Half a bottle of half a bottle of half a year

! It is more designed, and the upper layer is planting essential oil. When you use it, you have to shake well. After spraying out, there is a cool and spicy taste, but the spray itself is very delicate, just like a layer of fog.

I usually use after moisturizing water.

Of course, it can also be used for making makeup or makeup.

I used to use four bottles of bottles at that time, I really feel that the pores look very delicate, and the skin is very translucent, and I personally feel that it has

Effect of a loss of the skin

, Because my skin is not allergic to that time.

I don’t understand why this water is still not fire! I found that the Shiseido really quite a lot of this kind of goods that are not famous but very good, this red lone water, I recommended it last year, now I have a bottle.


As a series of red lips, it absolute

Is a good hand of maintaining stability

It is very convenient to press the pump head, and it is OK directly.

Convenient and dosage

. If you are still active, you will definitely repurchase, and this also moisturize and refreshing the two versions can be selected, suitable for a variety of skin!


My summer is fighting!

The face is cool, and the effect of soothing is particularly good.


Although the cargo emulsion is its CP, it is said that each 300ml of purple water is used, and there are still more than 150ml of oint sauces.

Say that it is, the most amazing me or

Purple water’s anti-inflammatory ability!

The red scorpion from the face, the basics can be basically fixed twice, I can’t do it.


For healthy water, my feelings are more complicated, although I don’t like taste, but for me, the effect is really nothing,

Especially during the aunt, the skin state is unstable.


Use it to wet acne, the effect is one! Before

In order to eat red acne caused by excessive baked and oil secretion, I usually use it to apply it.

, Use an acne sticker, basically the next morning, you can feel that acne is swollen! It is not a life-saving product!

I want to see a product that is not fire. On the day, I will see what everyone is buying, and this is said that the gold water is absolutely Top No problem! Basically I follow every day of the group, some people are in questioning gold water.

No matter what skin is loved, the empty bottle is also played many times.

, The biggest feeling of flowing water gives me is the silence of the moisturites, although it is very funny, but I feel very refreshing for me.

Can adjust water oil balance, prevent acne

Because it does not contain alcohol, even if the sensitive muscle can be used with confidence, the whole face is soft, you can see the skin’s soft drink, the better the skin.

Mei Na Domo this bright water, that is, green water is the time before I went to Six, I was recommended. At that time, I tried to use it very well, and it was just a bottle when I was active.

In general, the sense of use is very fine, the first is

Effect of acne


For my skin that is easily oil, it is too much oil secretion.

It is often easy to get acne on your face, I usually use it wet into it.

It will clearly feel the fade of acne and appease, and it is also effective for closing.

It is one of the fastest products I have used.

I can’t afford it, in addition to the price is not friendly, all others are very good!

Fresh’s black tea yeast essence is also a single product with hot summer super, although it is a essential solution.


But the texture is more reflected in the toner, belongs to the kind of quite refreshing

The biggest feeling of this bottle is refreshing, while repairing and antioxidation is more effective, black tea yeast is not only skin care.

Long-term use,

Skin is more stable

And this bottle is still a more provincial, a little bit can be filled, and the comprehensive price is quite high, and it is more suitable for the pursuit of refreshing and confronting the premiere.

Lancome is a lot of money, I will have the kind of money, I will arrange the kind, for this 星, except that all the price is very good!

Especially in this summer comparative oil,

Super easy to close and blackhead

, It’s skin

Preparation and blackheads for closed and nose


The elimination effect of excess oil is nothing to say! Especially those who have roughly in which this pores are rough, it is very desolation of pores! especially

Two cheeks pores

It is really visible to the naked eye!


This refreshing toner in the summer is safe here! Sisters have any selfishness to want Amway? Let’s talk together!