Lead-htc? Vivo? Still Samsung? There are a lot of phones that are good for sound quality, you can list the models that highlight several sound quality. So, what kind of model is most worth considering? From the mobile phones of several brands, we are worthy of recommendation.

Vivo brand

We know that the biggest advantage of Vivo mobile phones is HiFi sound quality, and for Vivo, my earliest cognition is from Vivo XPlay6, this mobile phone is really surprised, not only in design, this mobile phone is used. The new generation of flexible screens, and the main thing is that this phone also uses ESS new generation DAC decoding chip ES9038, in the mobile phone, add three op ampa1622, first in Vivo mobile phone, hard solution DSD format, let Music is more prominent.

If this old model is a model that surprises us, then in recent models, it is also worthy of our attention.

We now say the first model, Vivo X27 Pro, which is equipped with the AK-4377A Hi-Fi chip, can better continue Vivo’s HIFI sound quality, and for Vivo mobile phones, constantly derived new Function, for example, add people’s ear to the sound effect, detect you to detect the hearing sensitivity of each frequency band, output our favorite sound quality.

And we surprised us in iQOO Pro, using the new game HIFI sound quality, which really makes us feel amazing effect, through this iQOO PRO game HiFi sound quality, let the various sounds in the game more real, more It is possible to pass the sound quality effect of the AK4377A high-tone audio DAC.


We also know that in this mobile phone, we have passed Sony Hi-RES audio certification, which can bring the ultimate rayon reproduces for our Hi-Fi enthusiasts, excellent sound quality experience.

If we have a very good pursuit of sound quality, I think this mobile phone called Vivo will give you an excellent sound quality experience. When you purchase, you can consider these configurations of the HIFI chip.

Samsung brand


In fact, for the sound quality of the Samsung mobile phone, I am here and you will mention a word, AKG! By acquiring Akg, Samsung has had full progress in the adjustment of sound quality, which is fully able to experience the phone, we can talk about the sound of Samsung S10 mobile phone.


One is the advantage of Dolby panorama, and the sound quality of the mobile phone guarantees. One is the use of the three-dimensional speaker of AKG, which allows the sound quality to be clearer, more aggressive, and the volume effect is 1.3 times higher than the previous Samsung S9.


Just these naturally, we also found that in a variety of mobile phones of Samsung, the promotion of music is constantly stimulating the eardrum, and it is also worthy of our brand.

HTC mobile phone

We see Samsung and Vivo mobile phones, in fact, in addition to these two brands, many people will not forget the effects of HTC.

We know HTC’s Beats mobile phone, magic sound headset, when Wang Lihong’s HTC One X did make many people feel amazing.


Nowadays, the HTC has become a small brand, but its performance in music is still not underestimated. We know the HTC U12 ➕ this phone, and the sound is connected to the specific direction in the picture, and strengthens the source reception.

Also, in this mobile phone, HTC BoomSound duplex, which can be cleverly matched with treble and bass, and pass full of sound and clear sound quality.

In your mobile phone, smart active noise reduction technology, HTC USONIC smart quarrel, which makes it highlighting.

Which mobile phone do you like? These sound quality shows outstanding headphones, there is always one that can touch you.