The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration has exposed 18 batches of cosmetics that are unqualified by quality supervision. Among them, a variety of cosmetics have detected a serious substance or related material content.

For example, Shanghai Jinhua Hotel Co., Ltd. was squeezed “Perfumelife” shower gel (

30 ml / support, 20 / box, batch number: CK180731, Guangzhou Cixang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


The total number of colonies is as high as 110,000 CFU / gram, and it is more than 109 times the standard specified limit (1000cfu / g).

A total of 4 batches of cosmetics “with bacteria”

In this batch of unqualified cosmetics exposed by the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, there are 3 batches of cosmetics on the top of the colonies, which are:

Qingpu Huaxin Natural Hairdress Hall is squeezed by the bamboo slurry moisturizing gel paste (

300 ml / bottle, batch number: 20180928, Guangzhou Yan Ting Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

), The total number of colonies exceeds 2.7 times;

Shanghai Liqi Trading Co., Ltd. Tongjiang Road Store was squeezed with a good love Mi soup bubble baby shampoo shower gel (

180 ml / bottle, batch number: 20180316A, Jiao Times (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

), The total number of colonies exceeds 63 times;

Shanghai Shugu Health Management Co., Ltd. Jingao Road Branch was squeezed with Tingmei hut strengthened to decompose perfume wash

550 ml / bottle, batch number: b1nu1400, Guangzhou Jialan Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

), The total number of colonies exceeds 31 times, and the product also detects copper green psessa cells that cannot be detected.


Experts pointed out,

The total number of colonies exceeds the standard indicates that the health status of the production and processing of the cosmetics is not good, and has been polluted by bacteria.


“Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications” (2015 Edition) stipulates that the total number of cosmetics, lip cosmetics and children’s cosmetics should not exceed 500cfu / g or ml, and the total number of cosmetics should not exceed 1000cfu / grams or ml.

Copper green pseudomonas, originally called Pseudomonas, is a common condition for pathogenic bacteria, and humid environments are important conditions for their existence. Under normal circumstances, copper green pseudomonas is generally not pathogenic, and when the body’s body is resistant to low, the disease may occur.

Two mask hormones exceed 57 times

In the 18-batch unqualified cosmetics of this exposure, two batches of products were “poured” in the methanol content, respectively:

Shanghai Ouyang Jinmei Hairdressing Co., Ltd. was squeezed with negative ion tough styling dry glue (


320 ml / bottle, batch number: BL171007001-1, Guangzhou Bai Yu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

), Methanol exceeds 82.3 times;


Cao Vina is squeezed to nourish supplementation (

200 ml / support, batch number: KRD165, Guangzhou Kirong Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

), Methanol exceeds nearly 1 times.

The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration has publicly shown that the methanol in cosmetics is unqualified with the quality of the raw material.

Methanol belongs to cosmetics to disable substances,

Cosmetics may not be added, but it may be brought into cosmetics as a cosmetic raw material, so the “Cosmetics Safety Technical Specification” specifies that the methanol content of cosmetics must not exceed 2000 mg / kg.

Long-term contact with trace methanol will harm the nerves and blood vessels of the human body.


There are also two batches of “Ray Facial Mask” mask detection of hyphenolate propionate having more than 57 times the content of more than 57 times.

The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration said that chloropathic acid is a synthetic glucocorticoid substance,


The use of cosmetics containing this type of substance for a long time may lead to problems such as dark spots, shrinkage, and may have consequences such as hormone-dependent dermatitis.

According to the adverse reactions reported by Shanghai, Shanghai, in the adverse reactions caused by cosmetics, 34 cases of hormone dependent dermatitis, with a total of 2% of the total, ranked second.

Liberation Daily · In view of the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, the market supervision bureaus of all relevant areas has taken control measures in accordance with the law, and the corresponding production enterprises shall conduct investigation and disposal according to law, requiring companies to suspend production and sales, and recall in time unqualified product. At the same time, the sampled units are required to further strengthen quality management in strict accordance with the requirements, ensuring that the quality and safety of operating products can be traced back. The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration will further strengthen tracking inspection and testing efforts, supervise the relevant enterprises, formulate and implement rectification, preventive measures, eliminate risk hazards.

2019 No. 1 Cosmetics Supervision Sampling Unqualified Product Information

(Shanghai Food and Drug Administration)

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