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On October 11, glory released a tablet product in Beijing – glory flat plate 5, three-dimensional downtown speaker, Harman Carton gold ear tuning, Huawei 2012 laboratory Histen5.0 sound field technology, to create a sound audio-visual experience; 10.1 inch full HD large screen, using Full In-Cell full bonding technology to significantly improve the screen light transmission; redefine the look of thousands of video and audio tablets, and the top of glory is highlighted in the plate with GPU Turbo technology. The unique.

Appearance: Small fresh color matching loves


After getting a tablet, the new glory tablet 5 packaging is still sky blue, simple and fresh. Take out the tablet, below the charging set and instructions. The tablet color of the author is just a glacial blue, and there is also a gray ash.


The back of the glacier blue color gives a small fresh feeling, very popular. The back is the glory of LOGO. There is also a certification of Harman Carton Gold Ear Tuning Harman / Kardon.


Glory Tablet 5 Positive Configuration 10.1 inch 1920 * 1200 full HD display, using Full in-Cell full bonding technology, greatly improves the screen light transmission. After the interest screen, it is like a deep black mirror, it is one, and the bottom is the fingerprint identification module.


The left side of the tablet is the headphone jack, the SIM card socket, and the USB charging interface. Diamond CNC cutting to create highlights and highlight brightness.

The right side is the power button and the volume button. The side of the fuselage uses C-type arc, high curvature G3 arc processing, 3D trajectory drilling process to create a comfortable grip experience.

Sound: Trinity sound effects brings the same experience


For tablet products, chasing the movie is undoubtedly using the most scenario, so if the tablet has excellent sound effects will undoubtedly enhance great grade to the user’s experience. Although the positioning of the glory plate 5 is a thousand yuan flat, it is a lot of effort in the sound effect. Trinity, hard combination, bringing a scorpio experience.

Let’s talk about hardware, glory flat plate 5 The bottom of the fuselage is equipped with two three-dimensional high quality speakers, with the Histen5.0 sound field expansion technology, which can bring a rich stereo surround experience, and listen to the site.

Two three-dimensional dual speakers of glory flat plates combined with Harman Carton “Golden Ears” acoustic engineers, treat each audio detail with professional technology, carefully tune high quality stereo, double-set speaker side out of design, create a stereo, powerful The audio and video equipment is more clear and clearly restored, listening to the shadow sound. Glory Tablet 5 won the Harman Carton sound authentication, and its rear shell “Harman / Kardon” identification is the testimony of the ultimate sound quality.

At the same time, glory plate 5 is equipped with Huawei Histen5.0 technology, Histen5.0 is from Huawei 2012 laboratory, Huawei, Munich Media Sound field, Huawei Finnish audio laboratory and Huawei Institute of Japan, jointly tuned, based on psychoacoustic model and auditory sensation model Received 7 sound quality (including sound field expansion, headphone 3D surround, transient response optimization, speaker adaptive loudness Experience.

The author also directly tested the external exterior effect of glory flat 5, and I have always liked “I have a trust”. The unique female voice is very resistant, whether it is a low singing, or the rapid high in the climax. Glory flat plate 5 can be very good, whisper, and high-dimensional. Wan like a feeling of listening to the scene.


When you like someone to enjoy music, when you don’t bother others, you can also insert a headset on the left side of the tablet. When you use the headset, glory flat plate 5 will correspond to the specific mode of different headset equipment, and strive to restore more sound details and Bring a better immersion experience.

In addition to music playback, in the scenes such as friends, family, video voice calls, etc., benefited from the big loudness and clear sound quality of glory flat plate 5, will not affect each other’s exchange of communication, perfect delivery communication information due to problems such as external noise It seems that face-to-face intimate communication.


Shadow: 10.1 inch full HD immersed field of view

If “sound” is listening, then “shadow” is seen, for tablet products, the size and display of the screen is the most intuitive, most important score standard, glory flat 5 equipped with 10.1 inch 1920 * 1200 Full HD shows large screen, 1000: 1 high contrast, more color, delicate picture, detail, brings a fresh and beautiful HD immersion vision, while using Full In-Cell full bonding technology, significantly increase the screen The light transmittance, the screen is more transparent, and the screen thickness is reduced.


As a deep black mirror, it is a more realistic experience in the foot-on state. The 10.1-inch screen holds comfortable, sitting in the chair, lying on the bed, chasing the drama is very comfortable. And the size of the glory plate 5 is also convenient, and the movie can also be chased movies anytime, anywhere.

Performance: The first glory plate with GT

In terms of configuration, the glory plate 5 is equipped with Haisi Kirin 659 processor. The version of the author is 4 + 64GB LTE high-profile version, Kirin 659, consisting of 4 2.36GHz A53 + 4 1.7GHz A51 + I5 coprocessor, The 16nm FinFET process process has been taken by a variety of high-end products, performance performance is good, and performs outstanding power.


It is worth noting that glory flat 5 This time you bring a GPU Turbo graphics processing acceleration technology, but not only the EMUI operating system and the processing bottleneck between the GPU and CPU, the graphic processing efficiency is increased by 60%, but also so that SOC energy consumption Reduce 30%. The GPU Turbo technology enhances the improvement of Huawei’s glory mobile game experience, and what is the first time?


The author first tested the most popular “King Glory” in the moment. When testing, the frame rate of glory flat 5 can remain around 50-60 frames, and the big screen playing games is also completely different from the mobile phone, and the sense of operation is stronger.

Glory Tablet 5 First Emui8.0, so the game mode in the game assistant is also supported.


Professional eye + children’s paradise


Glory Plate 5 and the previous glory tablet also joined the children’s paradise function, including exclusive children’s app store: built-in large number of high-quality children’s application, entertaining, parents can also set up controlled children to see app, let children play Have fun. And the baby’s proprietary media library can record photos, painting, voice, and collect children’s growth.

In order to prevent the child’s excessive fatty, parents can also set a single use time, use time, use interval, use Wi-Fi or mobile data services, can play the number of times a day, let the children develop a good habit of healthy playing tablet. Give control to parents and have fun.

Now, whether it is mobile phone and tablet, there will be eye-catching mode, and glory tablet 5 except for the technical certification of national ophthalmology, eliminates the extra blue light of the screen, and cares for your eyes. It also brings more professional eye protection mode.

The first is the distance identification eye: glory flat 5 special design health canal prompt function, intelligent identification of children’s viewing distance, when the eye is less than 25 cm from the screen, glory tablet 5 will automatically generate safe viewing distance prompt, instantly control your child The reasonable utility machine is gradually cultivated to the child health utility habit.

There is also a posture recognition eye: for further care of the child’s vision health, glory flat 5 adopt safety sitting ideas, glory flat 5 can perceive whether the child is using a good posture using tablet, always smart reminds children to use safely Sitting to watch the tablet, avoiding the child’s sitting, developing a good case. If the child is lying on the sofa or bed, it will be reminded.

Safety: Fingerprint Unlock + Face Unlock

The face recognizes unlocked on the phone, which is also achieved on glory plate 5. Applying professional face solution lock algorithms, speed unlocking is more convenient. At the same time match the smart lock screen notification, if the message is not entered if the message is not entered, the message will be automatically hidden. The pre-fingerprint of glory plate 5 supports multi-angle 0.4 seconds to quickly identify unlocks, and the identification rate and unlocking speed have been greatly improved.

There is also a feature of glory flat 5. This is to say that the children’s paradise mentioned earlier, the adult / child space of glory flat 5 can be independent, children’s fingerprint unlock, directly enter the children’s paradise; adult Fingerprint is unlocked, enter the normal master desktop. One machine, build a safe and interesting amusement park for your child.

System: Emui8.0 brings a more happiness of humanization

Users who are used to mobile EMUI8.0 will not be unfamiliar, and this feature supports on glory flat 5, whether reading news or chatting, only double-pointed pressing, you can automatically identify screen content text, Display word and service card, support search, copy, share, navigation and other functions;


Double-finger pressing text, adds the article of interest to Weibo, News and other articles to read the card later, you can read it at any time. Leave a message to be reminded when you read the article, and you need to open your article again.

For tablets, the big screen is compared to the biggest advantage of the mobile phone, and you can brush the microblogging while brushing the movie. Remove these functions, express assistants and other functions are also supported on glory tablet 5, bringing users more human experiences.


Big battery long battery life guaranteed entertainment or office

Glory Tablet 5 with 5V2A charging head, the author pro tests with glory flat 5 online playback 86% after an hour.

In addition to entertainment, glory flat 5 also built out of Office three-piece: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, although there is no computer convenient, but it is better to deal with daily text editing, table processing, and PPT production.



Glory Tablet 5, configured with three-dimensional duplex, Harman Carton gold ear tuning, Huawei 2012 laboratory Histen5.0 sound field technology, hardware and software combination, internal and external repair, three integration, to create strong audio and video performance; while bringing GPU Turbo Technology, guarantee the user’s play experience; it is called a thousand yuan audio and video panel new benchmark.