Everyone loves to wear jeans, the version is diverse, the fabric is hard, can be modified, and the people are high and thin, but in winter wear jeans, a set of autumn trousers is awkward and bloated, all are still ordinary! Middle-aged woman must try the wool pants, the fabric is soft and comfortable, hard and hard, material thick, elegant atmosphere, special temperament!

Wool pants have been long, when they are mortied, the fabric is thick, especially suitable for autumn and winter, and the warmth is very good. The fabric is more thick and thick, the softness, there is a certain velvet, the muscle changes are obvious, the texture is very strong, the middle-aged woman wears more elegant atmosphere, today Xiaobian will introduce you “Wool Pants” !

First come to meet the coat

Wool pants, like jeans, named fabrics, so the version is very diverse, common straight, micro-lavar, wide legs, etc. Suitable for yourself. The fabric is rich in texture, the density is firm, has a certain thickness, but the whole is soft, it will not be hard, and the surface has a velvet, and the hand feels excellent, with coats, cotton clothes, elegant and elegant.

Features 1: Fabric thickness and texture

The material of the coat is its largest advantage, thick but not bloated, autumn and winter wearing special. On the other hand, the surface of the coat is a muscle sensation, and it is more leveling, which will not give people a flat feeling, so that the legs are more elongate.


Features 2: Diverse style


Jeans casual fashion, suits, is officially official, while the style of the wool is not single, leisure, sweet, cool, mature, and the different colors have different style interpretation, meet everyone’s various occasions.

Wool pants の match guide

Guide 1: Color should be selected


Brown elegant retro

Brown woven pants, elegant retro,

Deep brown, the effect is good, but it is better than black.


, The upper body wearing thick cotton clothes, sweaters will not feel depressed. The waist can take a fine belt with a metal buckle, increase the texture, and look more foreign.

2. Black wild

Black flush, wild and thin, but must choose the length of nine points, conventional trousers plus dark, very pressing a child, short identity. Nine lengths, exposed an ankle, can maintain the light in the upper, draw the long sight, with the high waist, look the leg long waist, more high.

3. White should be cautious


White hair pants are warm, but white has a kind of flocking feeling, it is easy to identify the legs, unless the body is more slender, it is not recommended to wear. You can choose to be a relatively similar to the white, apricot, the color is somewhat, which will be thinner than white. In addition, when wearing white fluffy pants, the color of the shoes should be selected, avoiding black shoes white trousers.

Guide 2: Coordination style


Commuter wind-base sweater with a deep-colored pants

Round neck basic sweater, shoulder design and modified shoulders, lower the horizontal width, weaken the shoulder thickness and other problems, the lower body with deep-colored wool pants, laying a mature atmosphere, overall with elegant and advanced. Regarding the problem of sweaters, the round neck is flexible, and the high collar is warm and comfortable. For the thick found entrance, V-collar is a neck and beautiful curvature, slimming slim.

Sweater and wool pants are all thick, so the version must be slim, avoiding dragging,

It is best to start from color, deep-shaped abrupt, highlight the level and body ratio.


Such as light sweaters with black fluffs, the top is more and more elegant, and the charm of middle-aged women.


Wenzhi-coat with coat

Coat with coat pants, gentleness, unique temperament. The coat is best to choose long section, with a profile, better modified body, will not show a short time. The length of the dress is under the knee, the straight lines are lining more well. Under the body, a wool pants, the whole slim, do not be too loose legs. If the one is not high, the inner coat pants should be created, create a high waist line, improve the ratio of the leg, pull the head.

Low saturation color coat with white fluffy pants, showing gentleness and integrity to show up, looked at the ocean. White coat reduces the color of the color, making it more harmonious to be more harmonious. How to choose a color coat? Of course, it is temperament, such as


Milk yellow, gray blue, powder orange, jujube red,

Low-key Moradi color is a glimpse.


Guide 3: The body presents a selection version

Kobe wide, ass, big-high waist

Women with waist, knee, and hip fertilizer, it is recommended to choose high waist hair, increase the position of the waist line in the navel, lengthen the crotch, ignore the original waist,

Wearing can avoid the shortcomings

It is more slim. In addition, it is recommended that the long jackets, cover the waist, cooperate with high waist and high waist pants, and lead to avoid weaknesses.

Leg type is not perfect – select loose pants legs

There is no elasticity of the coat,


Legs, crude legs, is sure to avoid tight-fitting trousers.


Pants legs are loose, leaving some spaces for the fat. However, due to the thickness of the material, there is a good distance between the legs and the legs, do not pay too much pursuit of loose fertilizer, avoid significant weight.

Wool pants and shoes, boots, how much do you know?

TIPS1: The shoes are as light as possible, show


Whether the shoes are light and delicious, can see from the shoe. The pointed shoes are much more delicious than the round head, and can also extend their sights, and the legs are more difficult. A pedicure like a shallow mouth,

Hair scorpion, shoe-type

, Match the flush, very light.

✔ Boots narrow


Wool pants with short boots, boots are key. Bare boots with narrow boots, adjustable Chelsea boots will be more suitable. If the boots are tall, consider holding the flushing pants.

Some width contrast to the boots,

Instead, it is more slender, and the whole person is also a lot.

TIPS2: same color

Wool trousers and shoes are color matching, elegant and more expensive, can maximize the full line of the lower body, the super-legged leg. The same colored shoes are connected to the tonal association with the wool, making it more elegant and advanced. But the color is important, try to avoid darkness.


Try apricot, beige, brown this type of light color

, Maintain the lower body, such as khaki ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Important: Shoes boots can be a big articles, paint skin, even if the color is low, you can take your eyes.

The sharing of the flush is here, everyone like this elegant and advanced pants? Can give a try to try it! We will see you next!