[CNMO News] With the development of technology and the progress of human civilization, more and more technology products greatly meet the convenience in our lives. At the same time, there are also a lot of technology products to solve the embarrassing moments in our lives. For women, there is always a few days of mood and inconvenience.

In response to the problem of solving the life of women, the first technological moon pants brand “is born in the country”. Menstruation is a functional underwear with multiple layers of crotch techniques and reusable. During menstruation, replace sanitary napkins and pads (depending on blood). The life is about 2-3 years. On the Internet, it is powder technology, black technology, in fact, using existing textile technology, done product redesign, so that women can be more freely.

“如里”推出新胶囊系列月经裤 1件可替代100片卫生巾

Such as the online new product capsule series monthly

Recently, such as the online new capsule series monthly pants. This new menstrual panties are divided into half a buns, flat and easy to dismount, and absorbed by multi-layer crotch structures to achieve the effect of vampire leakage. Each monthly moon pants can replace more than 100 pieces of disposable sanitary napkin products, reduce plastic waste generation, and can be used for more than 2 years under the correct maintenance. In terms of product packaging, such as zero plastic recycled paper envelopes package.

If the underwear designer Emma Chen was founded in 2019, it is the first technology monthly brand brand. The brand aims to provide reusable environmentally-friendly menstruation products through product innovation, ease the anxiety of anxiety that menstruation is uncertain. And the ambient pressure brought by disposable sanitary napkins.