[Watch home boutique recommendation] There are scenery in the four seasons, why is you a bustling spring and autumn? With the snow in the morning, it has already been quiet in winter. People can change their lines, faded with thin coats, replace the elegant thick wear, at this time, warmth and fashion is equally important. Because of the warm demand, winter clothing will be compact, for this, the space left to the watch is only in this season, and it is ruthless. Winter wearing a table, simple, thin, more comfortable clothes.

要简、要薄、更要舒适 冬季男士腕表推荐

Guantian master series 136255J watch

Watch Publication: HKD 138000

Watch diameter: 39 mm

Wrist table thickness: 9.9 mm

Movement Type: Automatic Machinery

要简、要薄、更要舒适 冬季男士腕表推荐

Shell material: 18K rose gold

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Wrist Find Rating:

To say simple, I first thought of the home, some people may first think of Germany NOMOS, but that is too thin. The simplicity of the home master series is just right. For most people, too simple “light” is always unbearable, so, only full of collapse is most in line with our taste. Full, what is full? Slightly brought fun or decorating similarities, slightly poetic design, so that simple feelings, this is enough. This watch is low-profile gray dial, plus sharp corners and scales, which is fine. Add the embellishment of the moon phase, it is full of aesthetic fun. In this table, I saw the power of “Ya”.

Chi Becoe 1966 Series 49526-52-111-BK6A Watch

Watch Publication: RMB 130000

Watch diameter: 38 mm

Wrist surface thickness: 8.59 mm

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

To be thin, I often think of Chicy, although Zhibai does not have much great experience on the ultra-thin watch, but understand the friend of the Chi Bai 1966 series, it will like to be thin and thin. This watch is in the 1966 series of Chic Cai, paying tribute to the foundation of the world’s first ultra-thin bag, on the dial, Hedd from Chicy’s inscription, which was founded in 1791, this watch Not many in the model. To this end, the watch uses a very elegant treasure word scale, a willow type pointer, and a track minute scale. The thickness of the wrist table is only 8.59 mm, and it is an automatic upper chain machine, it should be said to be a very wonderful formwork, and the winter is worn.

Baodi Classic Series 7147BR / 12 / 9WU Watch

Watch Publication: RMB 165900

Watch diameter: 40 mm

Wrist table thickness: 6.1 mm

Wrist Form Review: The hidden nobles in the watch, I chose the treasure. Many people like Patek Philippe, but I want to be the wonderful aesthetics. For a long time, I can’t appreciate the treasure, which has never had seen in any brand of expressions, because of that time, European aesthetics is unfamiliar, until they have multiple contacts. This watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, but only 6.1 mm thick, this ultra-thin is amazed. In addition, this watched small second disk of the sputum texture, like the texture of the advanced grid suit. Overall, it should be among these three forms, the most tasteful.


Winter wearing a table, I often consider the table should not be too thick, because the clothes are thick, so the table is too thick, and it is easy to jeel to the clothes, especially when you wear a shirt. Then, I don’t like steel or platinum, and the platinum is cold, because it is cold. Of course, the metal chain is also very hit, and the freezing wrestles from time to time. Thus, the belt, rose gold color and slim, is the preferred rule of personal wearing table. (Figure / Watouse House Wu Yi Bing)

要简、要薄、更要舒适 冬季男士腕表推荐

Wrist Find Rating: