Today, I chatted with a Baiyou. He asked me if I had a cliffs worth playing. Is there a collection value?

I asked me in this question, I really don’t know how to answer his question.

First we let’s talk about several characteristics of the Taihang Yarbai. Cliff Bible has a good medicinal value to the human body. This is all known, and the cliffs are also on the Taihang Mountain. Since they grow in extremely harsh environments, they will not be enough nutrients all year round, so that their growth is extremely Slow, a few years in a few years, this can be clearly seen from the true cliffs such as the annual ring texture of the cattle. It is conceivable to know how slow growth of Cliffs. Cliffs were blown by cliff wind, which made it a strange bend, and the long-awaited, and the year of his annual ribs will not be even as uniform, Ya Bai’s year. Rotating Tip Ratio is arranged in uniform torso twistedness, there is a thin annual wheel texture, and the sparse portion is divided into a so-called gunprint or water ripple. The Taihang Ya Bai has formed a beautiful story of “not dead, dead and not rot”. All of this is to explain the very slow growth of Cliff, and artificially can’t cultivate!


In the text, as long as it is a resource, it has been long, and the relative people’s life is still unable to form, in fact, it is more expensive. The ore itself is underground resources, and in a sense, it is much more underground. Just exploiting the problem of unhaneous mining. Just like diamonds, there are many underground. Just relatively relatively valuable money. The plant seeds don’t say. Every year is born, there is also the maturity of grafting technology, will only get more and more worthless in the future. Many noble wood takes a few hundred years to materialize. Therefore, value money is worthless of your own measures.


The above point of view refers to measuring whether a species has a collection value and its appreciation value. It is easy to see Yaji’s entire point of view. Of course, not all Hai Bai braces have such a collection value. I can be responsible for the vast majority of people buy There is no collection value, how to choose the Taihang Cliff Bracelet with the collection value, you still need to learn more more, and you can contact us, we will regularly give you a daily knowledge, prevent more More friends get into pit!