Plastic packaging bags apply better performance from all kinds of products, transportation, and quality. So far, no other packaging products can be completely replaced, both in all industries such as food, electronics, industrial, daily decline, and clothing, most of them use plastic bags. Companies that are often customized packaging bags generally have some understanding, packaging manufacturers will have additional printing fees, but many people don’t know why, let you introduce you in detail.

Custom plastic packaging bag _ Deyuan Plastic Industry


To customize a personalized plastic packaging bag, it is a process such as design, plate, printing, composite, ripening, quality inspection, and then out of finished product. Plastic printing is a roller printing, a platelet process is more complicated, a general size bag, a color requires a version, such as five colors, requiring five versions, printing with this set. Different bags have different colors, and the fees are charged according to the quantity of the version, that is, the higher the color, the higher the version fee.

It is worth noting that before printing plastic packaging bag, it is necessary to determine the pattern and text. If the version is wrong, it is necessary to re-print, there is no need to use it, and it will be charged every time. A plate of fees. Regardless of the number of customized plastic packaging bags, the collection standards of the fees are the same, the more the quantity, the lower the cost of the bag.

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