Coco Chanel once said: The true purpose of clothing is not to modify the appearance, but is to show your nature. Women have been in the past 50, and the calmness is elegant to become the best decision of this year woman. Therefore, the elegant nine pants in the summer is a chiffon shirt, which is the best match for mature women in this year.


Women in the age of five or six have accumulated, which has mastery for the future. This kind of wisdom and power can be displayed through a variety of pants; and the attitude and sensibility of family and life can also be displayed by chiffon. So chiffon shirt + nine pants, from birth, it is a woman who belongs to such a mature and charming.


“DRESS you age” is the best interpretation of fashion. If you can wear the age, no matter when you don’t have to worry about yourself Out! But the chiffon shirt + nine pants is not a simple look, how do you put it with fashionable elegance?


Xiaobian is now wearing a few bloggers today, bringing a check cheat with everyone in the nine pants + chiffon shirt!

First, upper clothes

1. White chiffon shirt grasps small details

Sanmu Mother This is a white chiffon shirt + suits, the chiffon shirt is pure white, but

By stack of cloth


Waiting for the details, the white passes through the depths, so that the level of clothes is more, it seems that it is not boring.

When choosing a pure white chiffon shirt, find a more detailed clothes, which is simple and a hundred, do you remember?

2. Black + V collar more taste

Black is a mysterious and powerful color, which can be very good. V is well restructed, adding a female charm. A woman who has been attractive, the black chiffon shirt is mysterious and elegant, which will highlight the time to give a five-six-year-old female experience.

Does the black + V collar have you made you feel?


3. Blue, more soft than black, than Bai Tough

Blue is a wise and calm color, and it is difficult to wear the calibration and rationality when you choose blue. Only when you have gradually been taught, read by the book, the people who have seen, the road to walk is getting more and more abundant, in order to have this calibration. It’s not the first day.


The experience of the years makes women tough, and blue chiffon shirts can take this unique temperament, so they can also consider buy a blue chiffon shirt outside the basis of black and white?


4. Great floral is more atmospheric

The pattern of large floral is more sparse, but it is also because of this sparse and flowers, so this pattern has a rare atmosphere. On this basis, if the color is gorgeous, it will be more expensive.

Sometimes the big floral will appear together with the wave point. At this time, you must consider that the atmosphere is in the air, and the wave point can always be energetic, so although the big fragmented flowers are good, but also Carefully choose!

Second, pants

Tobacco pants are more practiced

Talking about nine pants, many people will think of comparing traditional tights, then there is a small knowledge point. Tights will specifically outline all curves of women’s legs, so you will highlight health and sunlight. More than 50 years, many women hopes to be outstanding their own maturity and calmness, then the smoke pipe pants is the best choice!

Fit pipe pants can highlight the waist and buttocks, help shape a slender long leg effect, so you can highlight women’s figure, and don’t touch those more light details, decent and fashionable. Is this skill to use a small book?

2. “Mom Pants” is more comfortable

Mommy is a high waist + loose jeans, because the crotch and leg do a wide design, so it looks less and comfortable. The high waist is the essence of this pants, which makes people look very well. The ankle exposed by nine points can also modify the size of the body.

Shop, when traveling, such nine pants is equipped with a chiffon shirt, revealing inadvertent fashion and handsome, absolutely letting you spike the same age! Are you open Taobao?

3. Wide-legged pants more fashionable

The wide leg pants are loose, and those who can modify the waist hips, which make people look more slim, and become a popular style in recent years. Wide legs are very suitable for mature women, not only because it can modify the body, but also because of its own casual temperament.


A woman of five or six-year-old is properly leisurely, which is the confrontation of his success and family harmony. This kind of fusion is fashionable, comfortable, and it is still a dress, do you know?

4. Jeans more dynamic

Many people think that the year is fifty, not suitable for wearing jeans, which is wrong. “Dress You Age” means that if your soul is always young, you can wear it at will, not unexpected at age. Jeans express vitality, health and independence, if you are always like this, why not wear?

The blogger in the figure is also a child’s mother, but wearing this nine-point jeans is still governing and energetic. You wear it very happiness, so you can wear it, since the pants have helped you to modify your body, why don’t you express your heart?


Third, shoes

1. High heels, never wrong


Chiffon shirt + nine pants a match, if height is not enough, it can cause the body to modify the effect, this time a pair of high heels are the best choice! This pair of high heels don’t have to be very fashionable, and the clothing has set the tone, this time the basic high heels can make your match more elegance and young.


Among them, the pointed high heels will be very suitable for women who have been fifty, because the pointers have a bit sharp, this sharp and experience add more elegance.


2. Flat with single shoes is the most comfortable

If your height is enough, it is enough to choose flat shoes. The flat shoes naturally have a bit of stability, which is unpredictable with women’s calmness and elegance. Although it doesn’t help women, the proportion of body is modified, it is enough to let you choose it!

Of course, if the child’s women also want to match, then choose a high-waist nine pants, let the trousers help you modify your body, shoes choose those more comfortable!

Woman is a book, with time, she is getting thickening, more and more exciting. Although the soul is full of five or sixty-year-old women’s best dress, but beautiful clothing can express the enthusiasm and love of women. Moreover, the summer chiffon shirt and nine pants are also telling the story. .

Even if the years have flowed, that is, there are few wrinkles on the face and the body, please don’t worry. Everything about your wrinkles is your story, and this story is your most beautiful thing.

A woman of five or sixty-year-old will love yourself!