Backpack customization, fabric selection is one of the key steps, the backpack model, US view, texture, and cost prices made in different fabric materials are different, and Oxford cloth and nylon are two wide fabrics in the current backpack production. So, which is good for the backpack material and nylon? Let’s listen to the love free luggage manufacturers!

Oxford cloth and nylon fabrics are made of backpack making common fabrics, which are characterized by both fabrics, and performance is different. The two properties are different, there is no way to compare, as for which fabric is good, the key is to choose according to the style, version, use, etc. of the custom backpack, suitable is better.

Oxford cloth, also known as Niufun, is a diverse function, widely used fabric, the main market is: set, full bomb, nylon, plug, etc. It originated from the UK and the traditional combed cotton fabric named by Oxford University.


After the oxford cloth, after the dyeing, the coating process is treated, it has the advantages of soft feel soft, strong in droopability, novel style, waterproof performance, and wear resistance, and has high strength and elastic recovery. With the backpack made of Oxford, the backpack version is more conspicuous, and it is not easy to deformed for a long time. The moisture absorbing property of Oxford is weak than nylon. It is not as good as nylon, but it is very easy to dry after the Oxford cloth water, and the fabric strength is almost unfained, so it is not easy to deform.

Nylon is the first synthetic fiber in the world, nylon is a statement of polyamide fibers (nylon). The polyamide is mainly used for synthetic fibers, and the most prominent advantage is that wear resistance is higher than that of other fibers, 10 times higher than the cotton wear resistance, 20 times higher than the wool, and some polyamide fibers are added to the blended fabric. It greatly improves its wear resistance; when stretched to 3-6%, the elastic recovery rate can reach 100%; it can withstand tens of thousands of inflatability.

The main feature of the nylon fabric is that the color, excellent anti-wrinkle, good gas permeability, excellent wear resistance, especially high-density nylon fabric, excellent wear resistance, and nylon fabric moisture absorbing in synthetic fiber fabric It belongs to a better variety, so the bag with nylon is made more comfortable. Nylon belongs to light fabrics, making it a lighter, portable, portable, portable, and portable in the outdoor environment. Therefore, many outdoor sports backpacks, hiking bags, sports pockets and other bags will choose nylon fabrics.


Nylon fabric and Oxford fabric have a characteristic, the texture of these fabrics, waterproof performance, wear resistance, etc. Light nylon fabric. If you want the backpack version, it is recommended to choose Oxford cloth fabric, because the nylon fabric is relatively light, the backpack version of the made is not so hard, three-dimensional, compared, the effect of Oxford is better. .