Practice steps

1. Wash the chicken, wash it a few times with water

2, put the flat ginger and grass fruit in the pan, inject the right amount of water, add rice wine when it is slightly boiling, put the chicken in the soup in the chicken body to the chicken skin to shrink, turn the fire Minimize, use water temperature to slowly simmer (the floating foam on the soup is clean)

3, cook until the chopsticks are poked into the chicken leg root without blood water.

4, remove the cool ~

5, 成 小, This chicken breast is thick, the muscle fiber is also delicate, sneaked, the chicken is firm and not firewood ~

6, do it, take a big bob, easy to mix ~

7, pick the ingredients and clean ~

8, chopping, put on the chicken block, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, peanut oil, sesame oil to mix well (here I have no salt, I feel a bit light, add a little salt, I can use it, just mix it out Senching is lighter

9, put the plate, eat, if there is a cooked seater, it is more beautiful, and more beautiful.

10, give Shajiang to have a recent photo ~


#百年栗园油鸡试用# 沙姜拌鸡

If you don’t like mixing, you can also put oil and stir-fried under the pan and garlic rice, add coriander, green onion, oyster sauce, soy sauce to make a juice

Mood story

Original grain feeding, naturally sized a hundred years of chestnut, the chicken is easy to cook, the meat is fine and the toughness, I use this chestnut garden to do a little family’s delicious home, the most important taste of this dish is Sand Jiang, Sand Jiang can also be used as a condiment, there is a cold, appetizing and dying, relieving pain, likes Shajiang this rich taste, you may wish to try ~