In the summer, you should choose a single product, whether it is a top or a pants, and the white clothing is very brightened. Not only can you make the skin of the whole person more tender, but also make it easy to create a fashionisturistic trend. Hurry and learn these practical and fashionable matching methods!

White wide leg trousers, suitable for crude lanyard

White wide-leg trousers are very temperament, because the wide leg trousers not only worn quite relaxed and comfortable, and there is a very strong dreamer. On the other hand, the white wide leg trousers are more young and able to play an aging. Middle-aged women must collect a few such items in their own closets.

Long version of the wide-leg pants makes the whole person very gas field, even a small child can wear such temperament. Apricot’s micro-knitted vests show us a generous image, and it is really absolutely matched with the wide legs.


Knitting tops with a white wide leg trousers, can also show us a syndrome image. The upper body’s slim items and the lower body loose trousers, the temperament of elegant women is visually. Therefore, it is best to choose a trunk with a wide leg pants.

For women who work, when they go to work, they should not wear some shirts in costumes, then how do you match clothing at this time? Striped pattern of shirts is a very good choice. The tightness tight tight tips are both perfect for the whole person, but also makes the overall look very gas field.


White straight trousers, suitable for women with thick legs


How can the upper match with straight pants how to wear mature and stable feelings? Try the black T-shirt, the clothes are leisure and loose, which not only guarantees the comfort of the shoulder, but also the perfect curve of the arm through five-point sleeves, modified effect, and cleverly show it.

Because the close leg-type design can create a spirituality of the spirit. And in terms of matching with pants, the loose and slim tops are very good choices.

The silk fabric is very breathable, the hand feels quite soft, this black shirt is quite friendly to all kinds of body. White jeans is very modified, with this T-shirt with fashionable and atmosphere, quite suitable for summer!


White tight trousers, suitable for women

In order to improve the overall color system, female friends can match a series of dark jackets in the process of choosing white trousers. The dark blue V collar in sleeveless pattern has formed a distinct contrast with white trousers, and the overall visual clear contrast is improved, making the entire person’s gas field more powerful.


For this tight white trousers, the top can also choose some relatively loose style. For example, in the waist, there is a bow pattern, it can improve the role of the waistline, so even if you match a trousers, this dressing does not give people a short visual effect.

The style of white tights, is more light and comfortable, and it is a style that high son and legs must start. It can be said that such trousers are matched with any top, and they will not be wrong. For example, the light green lace is quite fresh age.


Direct trousers can help female friends create a stunned image. While white wide-leg trousers do be loose, if it is not good with the top, it will bring a loose sense, while white tight trousers will not have such a phenomenon. Everyone can choose the right pants that suits you according to their own body characteristics.