To say a hundred pants, everyone is sure that it is black pants, after all, the most slimming ~

But because of the black wild, most of the style of the style is the same type of hue, there is always no personality, so I want to have a personalized small partner, and may wish to pick other hue.

In addition to black pants, it is naturally a small white trousers.


Fresh bright white and dull dark black, white tones are not only the bottom color of the whole shape, or you can also highlight! Have its existence, can make the original serious overall bright eyes!

In addition, small white pants have a lot of other advantages, like the same wild wear, can increase fashion feelings.

Especially with the short down jacket, it is simply fashionable to explode. This set of matches, suitable for all kinds of height



I will share this set of it today, let’s take a look at how to wear it!


First, “short down jacket + small white pants” trousers type big competition


The small white pants and other styles of trousers have the same pants, there are also many trousers, including straight straight, micro laminated, wide-leg type, etc., all of which are now high frequencies. Then let Xiaobian tell everyone how to do these good white trousers!

Pants one, white straight pants type

Wearing advantage: thin wild, fashion practice

Suitable for the crowd: sisters that are not uniform enough

Direct paragraphs are straightforward, and you can highlight your leg lines even more uniform.

Especially small partners with more legs, slightly loose pants are more likely to achieve slime effects than those pants.

Finally, it matches the simple jacket, the whole is the need for urban beauty! It is also very good to use it with a dark down jacket in autumn and winter!

With the down jacket with a note:

The style of the down jacket is generally fluffy, so don’t be too loose in the pants in the straight pants, so that the combination of “upper width” will increase the horizontal ratio, let you look especially bloated!


Pants two, white slim pants type

Wearing advantage: a high warmth, practical and durable

Suitable for people: sisters with a very uniform rack


If the straight pants is more suitable for the gathered girl, then for the sisters who are very uniform, the slim pants is more suitable! The firm white Slim pants stuck in the skin, and there is a warm effect on the down jacket.

Everyone can pick some bright socks, use it to wrap the trousers, this “pants legs in the socks” wear fashionable and personality! With short down jackets and small white trousers, it will be more thin!


Slim little white pants can choose some short down jackets, which can maximize the ratio of legs, create “two meters eight” long legs!

Pants three, white micr pants

Wearing advantage: retro personality, highlighting temperament

Suitable for crowd: knee, small children

The micro-pantage type is very early before, and it is gradually loved by everyone, and it is a repeating pants.

When this trousers have encountered pure white hue, instantly creating elegant and temperament style, especially with high waist style, can effectively relieve the problem of short and short, with a short jacket of retro style, Skilled and personalized.

Point with duvet:

The micro-leg pants itself has some retro and personality style. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to not too fancy, and simple single product combination is more advanced.


“Short down jacket + small white pants” color adjustment

In the weapon pants and short down jackets, hue is also a highlight.

Therefore, the intimate small series specializes in introducing some daily tolerance, not picking the color tone, come and see if there is anything else to themselves!


TOP1: “White + Black”, classic is eternal


Since I said the black, I would like to choose a small white pants to choose a black-tone down jacket.

In this way, the color of the black and white is really daily. Even if the choice top is also a white, it is also a special temperament. The most important thing is that black and white as a classic wearing color, completely not picking the skin, each skin color is a little cute Can be perfect to adapt to it!

TOP2: “White + Red”, warm temper

If you want to have a more woman taste, then you choose a short down jacket that chooses a red tune.

Red is a very enthusiastic color, with the same bright and simple white, the whole style is gentle and hot.

“Red + White” series is also very painful, it is very suitable for skin tone is not white or wants to have a high-quality sister!

TOP3: “White + Coffee Color”, gentle and retro

The color of the coffee color is also a classic wear color. When it is combined with the white, it will take a very gentle and delicate retro style.

Choose a short down jacket of a cof color, lay a dark bottom for the entire shape, add a white pants to make the embellishment, so that the whole shape is more temperament.


At the same time, the coffee tone is also very white, and it is divided into rice white blouse and small white shoe level, and it is white and white.


“Short down jacket + small white pants”


When you choose short down jackets and small white shoes, you will be basically completed after challenging hue through your skin tone, it is basically completed!

If you want your overall look more temperament, you need to add some “small skill” oh ~ With their blessing, I believe that your charm can get very good show!

The gas field is fully handbag:


Many fashion bloggers always like a delicate and small handbags when they go out. This bag is bold, “Little Tong”, with the most special style to create the most charming shape, with it, you are a fashion street shooter!

Casual 慵 lazy shoes:

The inclined bag is also the most common style of usual sisters. Generally, this bag capacity is large, you can load more. And with the down jacket and small white trousers, the whole is exclusive to life-lazy life.

Personality trend small pocket

: If you don’t like to bring too much things, then the small pocket will be more suitable for you. The bag that is fixed in the waist can be a bright spot of the entire shape, attracting more people’s eyes!

These questions about short down jackets and small white shoes, the small friends must keep in mind oh ~ With these small tips, I believe that every little cute can get rid of thousands of black pants, replace more fashionable small White trousers, create fashion styles suitable for you!


With the down jacket with a note: