The summer weather is relatively hot, girls like to wear breathable clothes, which will be very cool, especially the harem pants of cotton and linen, and the summer is still very thin, with white T-shirt, it is better to look .

Wear 1: black cotton hormittant pants + letters white T-shirt

This year, a very fashionable dress, relaxed version, even if the legs are a bit thick girl can also be controlled, the feet of the trousers have some creases, increase the integrity, avoid monotonous, very black, do not pick People wear, nine points of trousers, expose some of the ankles, plus cotton and linen fabrics, very refreshing, with letters white T-shirt, and handsome.


Wear 2: Green Cotton Harad Pants + Pure White T-Shirt


Outdated pants don’t worry, this year is very popular cotton harem pants, straight trousers, modified you are not perfect enough leg type, visually have a thin effect, tightening pants, nine pants long, There is a role in the proportion of the lower body, so that you look more tall, roll the trousers, get more personal, match the pure white T-shirt, small and fresh, who is good.


Wear 3: plaid cotton hormone + print white T-shirt

Preeze plaid cotton horma, wide-leg version, suitable for girls, is also very fascinating, colorful design, more level, black and white plaid, classic and wild, Pleated high waist design, modified your waist, highlight small waist, with white print T-shirt, girl is full, put the corner into the pants, build a higher waist line, and is high and thin.

Wear 4: nine cotton hormone + round neck white T-shirt

Summer is very tidal, low-key color, very wild, relatively loose harem pants, tolerate your leg thickness, look, thin, very breathable cotton pants, wearing a cool feeling The small design of the high waist, improves the waistline, with the white T-shirt with printed, and the youth is fell, so the super good look and fashionable.


Summer is very popular “cotton hahad pants”, with white t-shirt, exclusively and breathable