Recently, the maternal and child research in the maternal and child industry in the maternal and child industry, issued 2020 children’s shoes brand TOP40 power list. The list is mainly comprehensively assessing business value by 5 dimensions of various maternal and child brands, and has comprehensively assessing business value, and comparing two years of growth rates of various brands. The comprehensive score is obtained, according to this. The following is specific ranking:

Overall, the trend of children’s shoes market is particularly obvious:

1. In the children’s shoes market, sports children shoes still occupy the market entity.

Ecdataway data prime data shows that

January 2020, November 2020, children’s shoes / baby shoes / parent-child shoes This type of destination online market share sneakers accounted for 40.6%, a year-on-year increase of 25.7%, and market share is still expanding.

From the list, we can see that children’s shoes brand TOP10 have three foreign brands Nike children, Adidas Kids, Skaci children occupy the head position. As a foreign-invested brand of China’s many years, the brand advantage in adult clothing still continues to the children’s shoes market, whether it is the channel layout or brand sedimentation, all the trend of strong development of foreign brands. Among them, the foreign sports brand headed by Nike children still maintains strong growth motivation, steadily sitting on children’s shoes; Skeck Children, while paying attention to children’s shoes functionality and quality, keeping up with consumers needed to carry out product innovation, The Chinese market has developed rapidly.

Domestic sports brand is like Anta, special step, Lining-kids, 361 °, etc. The most prominent representative brand Anta, in recent years, Sports implement a single focus, multi-brand, full channel strategic effect, FILA two sub-brand FILA KIDS and FILA FUSION help FILA brands to realize from a single consumption group, individual consumer group to home consumption The group is full coverage, in the field of children’s shoes, Fila Kids grows rapidly, Anta children are stable, 2020 Tmall Double Eleven Fila Kids rankings Brand TOP11, Anta children rankings Brand TOP3, Anta Group Market value is more than 350 billion.

2, comfortable, professional functional products are concerned;


In recent years, the children’s shoes market has further subdivided, and the consumer children’s shoes have been further expanded. Consumer demand promotes the rapid iteration of the product, and the product of the products that brought functionally children’s shoes will gradually increase.

At present, professional children’s shoes brands occupy the half-Wanjiang Mountain. According to the list, it shows the list of TOP40, Abckids, Jiangjiang, Kinpi, Miki House, Bashed, Barba, Mik, Carten Rabbit, Moonstock, Shepherd, Wooden House, Funo , Seven waves, big mouth monkeys, etc. Compared to the blessing of sports owners, although professional children’s shoes are weak, professional children’s shoes have a “professional” attribute that consumers are favored. Japanese high-end schools, although sales is not as good as other brands, it has independent research and development advantages, and Dr. Jiang Jiang can develop a baby step-footed shoe according to the different parential stages of the baby. Movement and daily offer a comfortable experience.

Learning functional children’s shoes brand Cartur Rabbit rapidly grows through star single product and segmentation, ranking TOP6 in 2020 Tmall Double 11 children’s shoes, among which is the first. During the development of the e-commerce dividend, Cartur Rabbit relied on the e-commerce channel to seize the online school steps, and also aimed at 80,90 young mothers pursue the cost-effective high demand.

In the sequettle, children’s shoes are the most prone to users to perceive the comfort of comfort, the most representative is light, wear away from the convenient Nike Dynamo “Caterpillar” series, as the biggest winner in children’s shoes products, At present, in children’s shoes brand stores, whether it is the international head sports brand Nike, China’s sports brand Anta or traditional children’s clothing brand Balabara, has their own caterpillar shoes products. It is foreseeable that the children’s shoes market grows more and more in the direction of specialization, segmentation and functionalization.

3, the value of the value is, the IP cross-border joint is endless;

For the choice of infant supplies, the new generation of maternal and child users have become more and more important in addition to consumed brand factors, cost performance, product professionalism.


As a post-entry, Barabara, compared with the children’s clothing business, Brabara’s children’s shoes, but from the style of the product, Barabara’s children’s shoes still continuing the fashion trend of Barabra children’s clothing, of which the product style of the worm children’s shoes Combined with the hot IP Wang, the ice and snow, in line with the favorite style of children. At the price of the price, the middle end of the product, from the side, price factors have great contributions to sales. Of course, keep up with fashion trends, all kinds of IP joints of children’s clothing children’s shoes are also endless, such as Dr. Jiang, a small yellow person; Skeic children joint IP super flying man, Hello Kitty and Wang Wang stand up.

It is worth paying attention to the fast outbreak; Ecdataway data is displayed, January 2020, November 2020, children’s shoes / baby shoes / parent-child shoes, this type of destination online market, at the same time, the fastest speed The parent-child shoes, a year-on-year increase of 128%.

Overall, children’s shoes market sports and parent-child market trends have increased significantly, with sneakers account for the main body of children’s shoes, and have functional products that are increasingly favored by consumers. The parent-child shoes are a consumption of maternal and child. The potential is gradually eruption. It has become a new growth point in the maternal and child industry.