How to quickly understand the down jacket?

I have shared a down jacket with a chapter in the luxury car before, and there are many small partner feedback:


I don’t even understand the luxury car, how do you compare it to the down jacket?

Today, Xiaobian is especially sorted out for everyone.

“Fast understanding of the down jacket” through the ball shoes “


Articles, small friends, don’t say “I don’t understand the ball shoes, Ha ~”


From the perspective of fashion and professional, the down jacket brand on the market has thousands of autumn. How can I pick it up?

Take the most affected four big down jacket brand on the market:

Canada Goose Canada Goose, Moncler Mongkou, The North Face North and Bosideng


For example, use them to make a bit ratio, so that you quickly understand the down jacket segment, which makes it easy to pick up the down jacket that suits you.

Canada Goose Canada Goose = Adidas Adidas (Yeezy)

Canada Goose Canada Goose

is known as

“King of the down jacket”


“Lv” in the down jacket

The reputation is known.


Since the birth of 1957, all the high-end routes have been high-end, and the buckles, vests, hats, gloves and other products, where the down jacket is most representative.

Canada Goose has been controversial all the way. Some people say it.

Configuration is generally worthy

Some people say that it has a good look.

It has been staying around 650, but the down jacket brand that has been sold is much more cheap than it has reached the seven-eight hundred paragraphs.


In addition, when other brands are selected, cleanliness, warmth is excellent


When the filler, most of the down jackets of Canada goose are still in use.


But in the face of these “controversy”, the status of Canada’s goose in the down jacket is always high.

From a professional perspective, it is indeed the best, but from fashion, Canada’s goose absolutely spike other peers.

Ma Yun “Dad” belt Canada Goose down jacket

Rihana wearing Canada goose down jacket

Jing Baoran, Zhou Dongyu is the Canadian Goose Down Tournament


Although the price is high, it is extremely popular in young groups, major stars, net red, fashionable big coffee.

Why is the Canadian Goose down jacket so popular?

Thanks to its version design, along the Parker coat shape, warm warmth, and fashion high can easily recess, the wind and temperature.

In the field of sports shoes, there is an adidas (Yeezy) with the Canadian Goose section.

Adidas is the leader of the sports world, the most representative of the Yeezy series, but the price is not bought, but it still does not affect its popularity, many young people still squeeze the head to buy Yeezy.


Moncler Mongkou = PUMA Hummer

Moncler – “Hermes” in the down jacket

Most of the price is more than 10,000 yuan, but the thing is worth it.

As we all know, measure the standard of a down jacket, mainly from

Fill, velvet





Three ways to analyze.

And the descendants of the down jackets were precious.

“Four Goose Vell”

For fabrics and workmanship, it is extremely important, and it is best to do it very well in warmth and fluffy, and it is comfortable and warm.


As a down jacket, it absolutely deserves the title of “Hermes”.

From the fashion, it has broken the style design of the routine down jacket, whether it is the joint design concept of Tianma, the irregular deconstruction, or a bright and bright color matching, it is satisfied with all the beautiful fantasy in the down jacket.

But there is a disease, “fashion” has also become a stumbling block for mainstream.


Although there are many distinctive works, it is “good-looking”, which is a little less inferior to Canada.

Mongkou and Canada Goose have always been “brothers” in the down jacket, which is better than PUMA and Adidas.

So, in whole, the segment of the Mongkou is like PUMA in the shoe, although Ma Mao but is not as good as Adidas, did not become the mainstream of the market.

THE North Face North = Nike Nike (AJ)


In the field of down jacket, the North Face north is absolutely the most popular brand.


Down jacket, jacket, bag, tent,

as well as



Some items meet the aesthetic preferences and needs of different people. Whereil it


Down jacket as a “signboard” in the north


Market influence is good than AJ in the ball shoes


Even if the heat of the rotten street is high.

Recently, the North Face has launched a new joint “Faux Fur Nuptse” series with good friends Supreme.

The down jacket created by the imitation fur is like a colorful color, and the fashionable burst is full of the taste of young people.

Not only is jointly playing, but it is complete, but also contains the Asia Pacific version (National Bank), Japanese version (2), Korean and US version of 5 branch lines. Different branch price span intervals provide more choice for space.

In the north, the down jacket is compared with the ball shoe segment, which is equivalent to NIKE (AJ).

The class is complete, and the joint name is the explosive model, the cheap, a little more than a few thousand or even tens of thousands. Regardless of whether it is warm (performance) or not, it is true that it is really like it, in short, it’s all!

Bosideng = Li Ning, Anta


Speaking of Bosideng, I can always hear two sounds:


One is the praise of domestic lovers; one is the vomiting of Bosideng.

Bosideng down jacket is better than Li Ning, the online dispute is big, the comments are always polarized, but it is true that it is good or bad, in fact, you can see it.


Bosideng’s transformation is successful, thank you for the creative director of Hermes –



So far, Bosideng has completed two joint cooperation, and recently launched.

“New Generation Down Jacket” series

It is also a new breakthrough in the nirvana of the national tide, no matter from the professional or fashion, there is a new breakthrough.

“New Generation Down Jacket” series has launched a sensation in the fashion circle, whether it is a “big palace”, “Paris Snow” is still a series of “Classic Naval” series, all get rid of routine down jackets.


Irregular tailor design, print, hollow and other elements, high-definition design of fashion

It is completely refreshed with a cognition of the down jacket.

From a professional perspective

, Bosideng down jacket is not empty with a good look.



Straight fleece process


Using seamless compact form, improve the warmth of the down jacket, and also get rid of the looseness of the traditional down jacket, and the upper body effect is very popular.

The most surprisingly, I also use it.

Functional fabric for antibacterial


, It is equivalent to the warmth of the maintenance, it can be used to innovate.

In the stage of Boshisen, Li Ningan ushered in the counterclock.

Since 2018, Li Ning got rid of the title of “Earth Tour”, unveiled the fashion week and amazing worldwide, using a good work to prove its strength, become a national tide sports brand that dare to call Ai, Nike.


Comparing the down jacket and the shoe segment. In fact, each down jacket brand has a thousand autumn. Whether it is Canada Goose Canada Goose, Moncler Mongkou, the North Face North is also a national tide, and there is a respective advantage.


As for how to choose, one is based on your own preferences, the second is to see your own economic strength, after all, there is still a difference in the price.

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