Don’t someone use T-shirt with jeans? Don’t let yourself go so so soil, this year, the fire is a “t-shirt + hanging skirt” wearing, fashion is true, the thin effect is not talking.


The T-shirt monopad has been satisfied now, and even the T-shirt has also begun to try to be stacked. The mixed skirt is in the inner, and it is full. For some sisters of some upper body flesh, we can finally wear a hanging skirt can also have a thin effect.


Don’t say that our ordinary people, the female stars are also abnormal in this style of wearing. The “sweet sister” Tang Yizhen is a black leather suspender with a white t-shirt. The classic black and white color plus the style design of the hanging skirt is indeed more exquisite than a simple suspender.


The ancient spiritual weird Zhou Dongyu, her hanging strap and T-shirt are more special. She also matched a temperament trousers under the skirt, and the overall level of layers is more rich, and it can have a good level. At the same time, the opening design of the suspenders can also protrude the ratio of leg lines. Let the original height of 160 Zhou Dongyu wore 170 feelings.


The stars are resistant to the “T-Shirt + Skirt”, do you want to know how to match? Look at Xiaobian, let’s look down ~

“Sling Skirt” – Style Recommended

In fact, it is not difficult to see that the T-shirt + suspended skirt is in the process of being dominated. The effect of different types of hanging skirts can be present, and Xiaobian I have two styles and colors. Insert the style of the hanging skirt.

(1) color is bright

The color of the crach dress used to match the T-shirt is not only a simple basic color, which can be tried, compared to colored T-shirts, using color-bright hanging skirts, the overall image is more refined.



: Because the floral stylus is very strong, the dopes and exquisite are also between them. Try to avoid the bright eye, or a large-scale floral pattern, it is visually to put the whole person to the top of the duct.



: Compared to the comparison, the striped skirt may be more than stripes. Color striped youthful and energetic.

Note: Vertical stripes must be thinner than horizontal stripes, and thin stripes are also thinner than wide strip.

(2) unique version

It is actually more exquisite diversity than the stacked suspenders. Different in style make the overall matching will also be much different.



: The belly is wrapped in the position of the whole chest and the waist. The visually is most obvious. If you can add a black color, it is more obvious that the body line is more obvious.


: The neckline line is a single product of V-neck element, and the empty space of the neck is able to draw the neck line. It is very suitable for the neck line. It is not too suitable for neck lines that are not particularly excellent.



: It is very good to understand that it is the style of two shoulder straps, even if the big chest sister wears it, but even the full chest will make your body curve feel more.

“T-shirt + hanging skirt” – should be so


The version of the T-shirt is used to overlay the hanger skirt, it can be a styles of the slim, which will only make you look strong for the relaxation. And specific style differences still need to be highlighted by trying different suspenders.

Style 1: Lazy Senior

The lazy wear is actually very easy, and the T-shirt is still a white or black basic paragraph. As for the matching dresses, it must be simple, too much element accumulation is only allowed to dress up. It looks more complicated.

At the same time, the color is not easy to be too complicated. Simple solid color can create a lazy feeling. The wide shoulder strap is much more likely to look at the fine shoulder.


The feeling of lazy to people is uncomfortable, so

The mixed tape skirt can be a loose silhouette, and the empty space that can be caught is really a small lazy.

You can also try to do in terms of fabrics, avoiding the selection of cortical or cowboy, which is the soft and skinned knitting element, or you can have a lazy feel.

Wearing demonstration: white t-shirt + pajamas hanging skirt

There are so many styles in the suspended skirt, which is the most competent lazy advanced sling dress. Universal is the material of the satin, self-contained gloss, it is really easy to have a feeling of sufficient “pajamas”. In particular, add lace elements, but also “death”. But once the white short sleeves are completely unhappy, the satin hanging skirt looks more formal.


Style 2: Wild Dominence


The cute sweet style with a floral hammer skirt is a lot of views, but you should haven’t thought of it with leopardian animal pattern.

Leopard is indeed a wild representative, and the large-scale single-wear is also very high for temperament, but after matching the T-shirt, the existence of the overall leopard telt skirt will be reduced.

It is better to show exquisite domineering.


Of course, there is also a point in the streets that add more jeans in the original sling dress, and the straight version can effectively avoid the line of the lumbar position, so that the overall presence is higher. At the same time, jeans plus the color of the short-sleeved two basic paragraphs, it is always possible to make the leopard elements don’t look so wild, how much can be grounded.

Can you think that you want to find a domineering wild? Of course not, our universal black can have a strong texture as long as the style is selected. Ordinary black payment is definitely not, you can try to have a certain perspective of yarn fabric, or you can highlight the size of the body, you can have a visual domineering effect. The coordination of the overall coordination of the last Martin boots is further improved, and the sky is turned.


Style 3: “In the escaped princess” girl

Want to create a girl? That is not too easy,


The color is a light column, and the style goes to loosely, and the elements are cute.

Even the most basic pastel gauze slings, with a white T-shirt, wearing a fairy full of “in the princess”. Or is the A-character skirt of the big skirt, light blue tender pink light purple these high saturation, which can be thin or fairy.

Now I know how to wear the T-shirt with the hate skirt, this spring, summer is not getting up.