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Every girl’s dream of a perfect body good, but unfortunately there is nothing in this world is absolutely perfect. Even more beautiful girls, are more or less there are some aspects of the bug body, or less obvious defects in the body, natural color values ​​harmless, and even become their own little characteristics; and figure flaws are many and obvious , it will greatly harm its own color value. For example, this figure Tuicu bug, it should be every girl hated it, and the girls are obviously hurt the overall image of the figure flaws. “Tuicu” This figure flaws, really a drawback, it is difficult to become a person of characteristics of it.

So, how Tuicu sister usually modified by dressing with this disadvantage it? Some people say that wearing baggy pants, sounds very reasonable, but if you Tuicu very obvious, then, wear loose pants but will very sturdy feel, the more they want the so-called cover the more obvious. It was also said, wearing wide leg pants, but if not, then choose the style, but will show fat significantly strong; and, wide leg pants A word version is in the form of, but a lot of people Tuicu thick thighs are more obvious, so wide leg pants a word version of the type but is difficult to hide behind the fleshy thighs. That being the case, Tuicu bloomers girls may wish to try it.

Pants a tightening upper and lower ends, the intermediate loose pants, the overall shape is like lanterns, hence the name “pants.” As with wide leg pants, bloomers also a very wild very suitable for everyday pants, the upper body with no special restrictions, you can mix and match, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets and so on can be a perfect fit. In short, this is a very practical pants. Most importantly, pants type version can play a good role modified leg type, especially for thick legs, leg does not look good girls wear. It loose, but not too loose, the version is also just to cover the meat was thin.


Next, we take a look, what are the common style pants and with it, a look at how it is to be wild thin artifact it.

01: Tooling bloomers


In recent years, wind tooling is quite popular in the fashion industry, this partial neutral outfit style, by a lot of cool girls love. Tooling style pants, relatively closer to the version straight jeans, different places that the elastic design of the trousers. In addition to inherited characteristics tooling pants pants outside, also retained a significant feature of the tooling wind: loose pants, pocket design, color and so low-key. Tooling wind fabric on quite this modification, coupled with the unique design of the pants, it is particularly suitable for girls Tuicu Oh. Tooling pants color can not be too blatantly, choose black, gray, khaki, army green, reserved style of color, slimming effect will be more pronounced oh.


02: cowboy pants

The pants-type version of the fabric different style outfit created by different. We live in the most common wild denim fabric, combined with the pants, they can be used with a low-key wild and casual chic style, you can easily create nowadays the latest wave of street style. Denim fabric itself will bias of some tough, with good cover meat Slim visual effects, and then with bloomers unique design, which is equivalent to cultivating it on the double insurance, can be well modified legs, with a pair of sports shoes or canvas shoes, wild and funky. In color, the grapefruit is recommended to choose black or light blue denim pants, the best choice Ba Jiufen pants, exposing the ankle will be even more thin, more sexy oh.

03: Plaid pants


Waistband and legs tightened, middle loose pants, appears to have pine have tight, relaxation, rich in the lower body layering, but also cleverly played a cover meat was thin visual effects, and then with among the most classic retro style pattern elements, the whole retro look elegant and very stylish leisure. Black & tan plaid pattern, highlights the key and reserved high texture, looks both retro chic and very wild, especially for ordinary people to wear concave shape. Feet with a pair of white sneakers, the upper body with a hit color T-shirt, his head and then wore a black newsboy caps, the overall mix distinct layering, while the visuals and very coordinated. This mix makes the whole person exudes a chic and neat, free uninhibited temperament.

04: harem pants

Harem pants combines the advantages of harem pants and bloomers, pants compare these two similar, but slightly different in the details. Tighten the upper and lower ends is pants, the buttocks and legs are loose; Harlan pants are traditional fertilizer under the wide style, then after several rounds of improvement, Harlan pants become more abundant species, whereas among the most popular, than the narrow leg trousers harem pants tighten up. That is, modern Harlan pants characterized by “tight trousers, other parts of the broad”, and the characteristics of the pants “down tight, intermediate width.”

So, Harlan pants is a two-in-one advantage, from the point of view version, more relaxed than traditional casual pants few. For example, like this, choose to wear a cream-colored harem pants, quite gentle autumn romantic mood, and then with a black slim sweater, neat and handsome black boots, looks both casual chic has no shortage of prudent temperament.

05: print harem

If you want to choose Slim thin bloomers, in addition to the common solid models, and the classic checkered models, we can also choose to get fancy printing money oh. While printing money pants looked a little swagger to it, but because there are degrees of elastic pants version of design, enough to cover without a trace of fat legs, so wear printing money do not have to worry too much it will seem exaggerated, as long as prints Do not look rustic and kitsch can be friends.

For example, following this national printing style bloomers, very beautiful classical charm, warm bohemian style, the whole body filled with a thick atmosphere of alien mood. Wearing the print harem, both played a Slim thin visual effects, they look particularly bright, so pants no longer looks so monotonous, but also highlights the highlight of the outfit, but also elegant temperament. Song Jinzhai foot design, not only the rich layering of the lower body, but also the way to expose the ankle, Slim was thin and sexy.

06: split pants


Below this black pants, in addition to a general easing was thin pants have a visual effect than, at first glance there is nothing special. But if you look closely, it is not difficult to find, this bloomers special, is its unique design side split, revealing the looming silky smooth legs lines, revealing a trace of sexy charm charming atmosphere at the same time show the lazy casual, he added a bit feminine.


In addition, its design waistband stretch elastic lace, elastic waistband can be adjusted freely, you can play hide the meat was thin to maximize the effect, very convenient, save time and effort. So, this bloomers practicality is very strong Oh, tolerant of high stature, easily cover a small pot and accumulation of fat legs, waist design at the same time lengthen the leg curve, let you see up significantly tall and thin. The upper body with a casual T-shirt Slim feet with a pair of sports shoes fashionable wild, the overall effect looks especially stylish casual, side-slit design is full of ingenuity.

07: sports bloomers

According to personal understanding of grapefruit, sports pants, sweat pants pants type version is, it belongs to a sport pants, but nothing has characteristics of bloomers. Pants fabric itself is more relaxed and comfortable for all sizes have a high degree of tolerance, and very skin-friendly. If the dress is pants bloomers shape of the case, its unique “down tight, wide in the middle” version of design, can be well hidden fat buttocks and big calves, and also did not see any traces of cover everything is so go with the flow, a matter of course.

Due to the lower body bloomers it has looked very relaxed, so grapefruit is recommended to wear self a little upper body best clothes, so you can reflect with the principles of “Tighten down loose”, with the overall look will be more rich layering. If her body is very loose, it will inevitably seemed a bit sloppy, not spirit. Like pine have tight match in order to maximize the show’s chic casual pants, but do not look too dowdy, everything is just perfect. High with a pair of feet can help Martin boots, while modified legs, but also to the whole person added some cool neat neutral temperament, chic and casual pants temperament coincided.



: When it comes to cover the meat was thin, modified legs, most people think of is wide leg pants. In fact, in addition to wide leg pants outside, the role is very popular nowadays bloomers pants, and even play better cover the meat was thin and modified leg type. Wide leg pants want to play well to cover the meat was thin effect, you need to be able to pick the right style, but otherwise appear to be more fat and more strong.

And you do not need bloomers very carefully selection of styles, just pick one upper body, eventually showing a modification effect is very perfect. Not only super-fit pants girls wear thick legs, no body can wear it girls, skinny girls wearing pants but there is another kind of delicate and neat. Wide leg pants outdated, girls may wish to try it bloomers, bloomers paragraph 7 above are very good, oh, let us Fun fashion outfit it.

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