The pine furniture is soft and cannot withstand too heavy weight. It cannot be used as a load-bearing furniture; additional pine furniture should be used as a furniture wood for use, because the processing process is different, the dehydration of pine is different. Now many people choose a pine wardrobe, how about the pine wardrobe? Let’s take a simple introduction to the pine wooden wardrobe.

How to make a pine wardrobe?

松木衣柜怎么样 松木衣柜的保养

The advantages of pine wardrobe:

Most of the pine wardrobe on the market is the pine, mainly because the prices of the pine are cheap. But I still recommend everyone to try to choose a relatively high quality radiant pine furniture. Because of the small nodes of radiating, the oil is small; the deformation is small; the color is good; the toughness is good; the texture is good;

Most pine wardrobes are simple, and the lines are full, and the processing techniques of less carvings are environmentally friendly. They look more natural and beautiful, natural wood stripes, no modifications, all wood grains are presented for us, Placing at home looks very beautiful, on the grade, is the first choice for purchasing furniture.

Disadvantages of pine wardrobe:

The pine wardrobe is soft, you can’t bear too heavy weight, you can’t be used as a load-bearing furniture

The pine wardrobe should be used as a furniture wood to be used as a furniture wood. Because the processing process is different, the dehydration of pine wood is different. If the processing craft is not very good, the loose wardrobe is very easy to dry because dehydrated degreasing is very easy to dry.

松木衣柜怎么样 松木衣柜的保养

The pine wardrobe has a shares, and some inferior pine wardrobes in order to cover the unoperable pattern of pine wardrobes, a lot of paint, and even the paint is unqualified, resulting in a lot of shortcomings.

Care for pine wardrobe

1. Frequently use the soft cloth to take the texture of the wood, dust is dusty, before dust, should be in the soft cloth, such as Bili Zhu, etc.);

2, use the mat under the hot plate when used, so as to avoid food soup, contained or damage the desktop;

3. Try to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc.


20 grams of bleaching powder, heat 0.5 kg, so that it is dissolved, and it is repeatedly applied to the part of the pine wood, until it is slightly whitening, and then purge with water.


There is a lot of penetrating penetrates, and it can be eradicated with a blade, and then smooth with a mud. No matter which method is used, it is necessary to scrub again with ethanol (alcohol) or apply a layer of ingencum and paint, in the anti-pine wood, there is no purple oil exudation, affecting the paint film.


Dissolved with 25% aqueous acetone solution, and a mixture of 20% acetone solution and a small amount of alkali.

Alkali washing

Use 8% to 10% sodium carbonate (edible base) aqueous solution, or 4% to 6% of the sinctural solution, clean the pine-containing parts, so that loose oil saponification (oil and alkali become soap and glycerin) Then, then scribbled with a sponge or brush to heat the hot water (40 ~ 50 ° C).

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松木衣柜怎么样 松木衣柜的保养

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