This is the most satisfactory Christmas present I received, picking in advance [rose]

A set of home clothes prepared for Christmas, very nice name [color]


Pajamas is 100% cotton grinding fabric, soft and comfortable, slightly thicker than general cotton

Color is the long-awaited big red, the New Year’s festival must be celebrated.


Very white, ultra-like.

Dye-dyed texture, red system is more likely to do, the waist square is embellished, the fashion feeling is full

Special to mention, I am a little fat, this pajamas is on the upper body

Very thin, very fit, elephant legs are completely hidden,


The loose positive version of the top and trousers is in line with the habit of I often wear cotton pajamas, and it is slight and high-level.


This pajamas is suitable for autumn and winter, and the spring season is also very suitable for wearing.

Christmas gift

Yuanshi gift

new Year’s gift

The beauty rushes to arrange it. # 纯 # 秋 冬