In the Unexpected Internet World, Taobao has become an incredible thing embedded in it.


It creates the show of the drama, every moment is playing a magical realism.


Ma Yun once said: “Ali double 11 does not make money, I want to bring you happiness.”

This is not a journal. If you spend some time in Taobao surf, you will find a magical found that the seller and buyers are the opposite of the private city and the sublimation version of the sublimation version.

Don’t spend a penny, you can find the reason for “Hahaha” in a prominent life.

I believe that everyone has learned “look at the picture” at the time of the year, this kind of ability to be self-cultivated, the years, and often play frequently when purchasing goods.

And when you are delighted, you can see it, just like a property market that goes to the leverage, it is terrible.

The buyer’s mood is like a floating wanderer, which can only rely on “show” to suppress yourself.

Have a pair of elegant and quiet Liu Ding Roman shoes are the dreams of each sister who wants to become a net red, and then with the small princess’s dress, “light rock” is unobstructed, think about it. Man is excited.

After the careful consideration, Liu Damei spent 50 money to buy a black Liu Ding shoes designed by Italian famous designers.


After wearing it once, she successfully won the mysterious “rustage Congress tattoo”, and the feet were blessed.


Liu Damei’s good friend Zhang Dazhuang took this kind of strange tattoo, so I can’t wait 80 yuan to buy two pairs of brand-name sports shoes, eager to get the old blessing of the Congo.


The miracle really comes again, and his feet is appreciated, and a company is exclusively sponsored.

A famous brand sports shoes also give him a flaming energy, and the color number of the drill is fascinated.


Neighbors Sun Lina do not believe in evil, since buy shoes are not enough, then buy clothes.


Sexy sterling black chiffon trousers, fashionable in the model, that if the feeling of hidden legs, is Naina most want.


The trousers are in the hands, Nana is sitting on the ground, if it is hit.

Put on this trousers, Nana has become the most beautiful star on the street. This unique personality and style make the degree of 人.

Sun Lina is a person who is not afraid. There are more than a dozen dollars in the district. She found a very low-grade high waist A dress, if it is a black leggings, I can sit in the intersection. The first chair of the “most” KTV princess.

One of the short skirts, Na Naton felt the warmth of the knee, she said very calm in the merchant’s comment area: “Selling things, you gave the old lady out, are you selling clothes or sell knee?”

The lower body is not appropriate, then I bought it half of the body, Sun Lina stared on a loose sweater with a chain.

The lazy sexy breath of this sweater is intoxicated, and it must be able to show her little woman’s charm.

Open the package, I can’t help but cry …


Is this really a top? Is this not a flush?


Still keeping warm and breathable flirt, Na Na suddenly produced a little staining idea.


This sexy perspective nightclub dress is simply a “slaughter” male will cut.

“Xiao Cui” was very satisfied after receiving the goods, so he sent a praise from the three views.

Amount, this, this fan’s small slippers are so cute.

A soldier selling strong sticky sellers in order to show their own stickiness, hung your children on the wall, and the technique is convincing.

However, if he hung himself on the wall, I think it will be more convincing.


In fact, you don’t buy it, but can you delete the last “show”? I’ll give you money!