How do you think MUJI’s drink new packaging design?

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MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Talk about minimalism

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

The brain has emerged in MUJI-free products.

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Designed with its simple and practical

Harvested a large number of “extremely simple”

Recently, Muji played a new pattern of generic style.


In order to respond to the trend of the reduction

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Encourage everyone to reduce the use of plastic bottles

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Japan Muji launches extremely simple “water” bottle

As the function of the water bottle is “watering”

A slender water blue “water” word in the bottle

Very special

It’s really a veritable “water” bottle.

The bottle chooses very light, low-polluted PET material

Overall capacity is only 300ml

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

And the bottle is flat, the line is very smooth.

Black bottle cover for matte treatment

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Increase friction facilitates users

Overall design simple and unrestrained detail

Bottle size

The brushler can also easily reach

At the same time, another long-term design is also launched.

Meet users more choice needs

The size and shape of the bottle can be mastered one hand

Does not account for excess location, it is very easy to carry

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

And the color is so high

Drinking a water has a high return rate.

Muji In order to carry out “reduction” plan

Preparing for 460 stores in Japan to install a water dispenser

Customers can use their own water bottles for free

Also appeared in an app called “water”

Users can see the decrease in self-service water supply

PET plastic bottle and dioxide

You can also find MUJI store location information with a water dispenser

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Very convenient and intuitive

Muji’s launch of the “Visual Week”

It is designed to encourage everyone in your thirst

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Repeat your own bottle to drink water

In this way, each person can reduce at least one empty bottle

It can also achieve the purpose of the reduction

And Muji’s environmental protection measures are not there.

Japan Muji announced in the World Earth Day

Since April 23, 2021,

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Will be a beverage container for non-printing

Change from PET plastic bottles to aluminum cans.

Compare new old packaging

In the pattern design

Plant floral elements still retain

Overall visual design is very comfortable

This time, 12 aluminum cans

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Including 5 carbonated drinks and seven tea

The bottom of the carbonated drink is used to distinguish between different flavors.

Silver gray appearance also makes packaging more texture

In Japan, the recovery rate of aluminum can reaches 98%

Is a recyclable material

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

At the same time have better light shielding and moisture-proof sexuality

Can extend the storage period of the beverage

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

According to the official

Due to less selectivity of aluminum can mold and production plant

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

The capacity of tea drops from 500ml to 350 ~ 390ml

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

The capacity of carbonated beverage is lowered from 350ml to 280ml

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

But the overall price is constant

Tea drinks from the original 100th round to the 90th round

Although the capacity is reduced, the price drop is not high.

But there are still many customers choose to pay, to support environmental protection.

Muji’s new aluminum cans

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Continue its consistent design style and temperament

Can also attract consumer eyeballs more

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Use a good design to deliver its environmental concept

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Overall, MUJI is designed for its own product.

Have a clear minimalist style

No matter how it changes or introduces innovative design

It’s still a “ok, this very muji”.

This concept of “10,000 varies from”

It is also a factor that many brands need to be considered when making innovation.

This is not, MUJI’s minimalist style

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Not only in highlighting in product packaging

Even the crossover “play” started a car

Muji X Finland Sensible 4

“Gacha” self-driving small bar

This is known as the world’s first first can adapt to various climatic conditions.

L4 level automatic driving small bar

Provided by MUJI, an internal and external design and user experience

Sensible 4 provides technical support such as self-driving system, navigation positioning

Looking at the car name “Gacha”

This small bar’s design is inspired by astraided

Shape with rounded square design

Glass is used in the four sides to increase passengers

Double door design with parallel sliding

Do not occupy the place, also increased the space space

No fixed front design

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

You can return to drive without the need for a vehicle

The LED light is not only a light light

Also as a LED screen of prompt information

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

The appearance and interiors use simple and calm color matching

Very many soft and beautiful days of MUJI style

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Treatment of shape and comfortable interior decoration

I have echo the design theme “expectation to carry peace and happiness”

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Gacha is the original intention of “the last ride”

It is not only the travel of residents

Another move in MUJI environmental protection

There is also the opening of Shanghai last year.

Bailong Apartment Designed by Muji

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

This is the Muji Hotel in Shanghai and Beijing.

Muji opened the first long-term apartment in Shanghai

Design or consistent MUJI style

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Use a shallow wooden floor and wall panel

Warm color decoration, visual is very comfortable

You can see the whole room decoration nature and elegant

Plenty of light, open line

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

There is also a large storage space, there will be no feeling

All items provided in the room come from Muji

I want to let customers experience Muji’s products.

After reading MUJI design

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Whether it is in its own products or crossover

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

Never give up its minimalist design style

This is also a brand image that MUJI has worked hard for many years.

Muji on the basis of clear its own positioning

MUJI 无印良品的水瓶,果然很“水”

And constantly dig the attitude of multi-level design meaning

It is a place worth learning from major brands and designers.